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55 LB Rubber Slam Ball

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55 LB Rubber Slam Ball

The 55 lb Rubber Slam Ball from Titan Fitness is a great way to get an intense cardio and full-body strength workout. It is made from puncture-resistant and tear-resistant rubber, making it an extremely durable ball that’s designed to handle hard throws and slams against the floor or a wall. The ball is non-bouncing, making it ideal for exercises that involve throwing the ball against a surface as each exercises starts and ends with the ball in the same place. This slam ball features a thick layer of textured rubber for improved grip, which prevents slippage when exercising and makes it easier to safely move the ball from one exercise to the next. The textured layer also makes it easy to identify the one pound increments for weight tracking. It is available in several sizes ranging from 9 pounds to 90 pounds, so you can choose the ball that best fits your strength and fitness level. The sturdy construction of the 55 lb Rubber Slam Ball makes it a great choice for core exercises, power training, and explosive exercises. It can also be used for partner exercises to enhance dynamic movements and engage multiple muscles groups. Use the ball to target specific muscle groups or to increase challenge in a particular movement. The ball is also safe to use outdoors and can be used in any climate or on any type of surface. The 55 lb Rubber Slam Ball from Titan Fitness is an excellent way to get an intense workout, train multiple muscle groups, and increase strength and endurance. It can be used as part of a wide range of exercises and is constructed with a thick, textured rubber layer for improved grip and non-bouncing dynamics. It is designed to be durable and tear-resistant, making it an excellent choice for core exercises and explosive movements.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber Construction for lasting use

• Weighted design helps with strength training and explosive movements

• Textured surface provides a better grip and prevents slipping

• Weight can be adjusted based on your specific needs

• Economically-priced for budget-conscious buyers


• Most sizes come only in black, with few color options available

• May not be suitable for intense use due to lower weight capacity

• Not suitable for dynamic ballistic exercises such as medicine ball slams

• Not waterproof or suited for outdoor use

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

• Athletes in need of effective high intensity interval training (HIIT)

• People wanting to add a full body workout to their fitness routine

• Those who want to increase core strength, balance, and agility

Who Should NOT Buy This Product:

• No one under the age of 18 without adult supervision

• Those with existing joint pain or injury

• Couples looking to share one product due to the single ball design


-Heavy duty rubber construction

-55 lbs

-Textured surface

-Great for explosive exercises

-Filled with sand

Titan 55 LB Rubber Slam Ball55 LBSRubber$119.95
Force USA Rubber Slam Ball30 LBSRubber$85.00
Stamina Slam Ball10 LBSPlastic$37.99
Ōlllō Slam Ball8 LBSRubber & Leather$26.99

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