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70 LB Rubber Tread Slam Ball

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70 LB Rubber Tread Slam Ball

The Titan Fitness 70 lbs. Rubber Tread Slam Ball is designed for high speed, power and durability. The special rubber tread provides an added grip for improved performance and safety. The high impact design allows for explosive slams and extreme movements, as well as reflecting sound for a powerful motivational tool. The textured exterior creates the ultimate durability and balance, making this perfect for any type of functional training workout. The ball has a diameter of 15", which allows for a wide range of movements. With its superior construction, the ball can handle any kind of training and provide plenty of bounce for explosive movements. The wide handhold is designed for improved grip and comfort, whilst the ergonomic rubber exterior adds to its all round performance. This tough ball is capable of withstanding heavy impact, making it ideal for a range of functional activities such as slams, throws, wall ball and more. The colour coded design makes it easy to distinguish between various weights, making it easier to choose the right option for your needs.


Pros & Cons


• Built from heavy-duty rubber tread for extreme durability

• lb weight for more intense workouts

• Great for versatility with many high-intensity exercises

• Textured surface for a secure grip

• Available in multiple sizes


• Expensive compared to other slam balls

• Non-bounce design may limit your exercise possibilities

• Weighs 70lbs, making it difficult to transport

Who Should Buy


Who SHOULD buy this Medicine Ball:

• Those looking for a durable and balanced slam ball

• Those wanting to use the slam ball to increase core stability, endurance, and power

Who SHOULD NOT buy this Medicine Ball:

• Those who are looking for a lightweight ball

• Those who are not comfortable performing movements like slams, throws, squats and presses with the ball


-Weight: 70 lbs

-Material: Rubber

-Size: Standard

-Use: Slam ball/strength training

-Shape: Round

Titan 70 LB Rubber Tread Slam BallRubber70 lbs14"
Mantra Sports Slam BallRubber30/50/60/80 lbs7-15"
Lositec Slam BallRubber3/6/15/20/30/40/50/60/70/90 lbs6-16"
Sage Fitness Equipment Slam BallVulcanized Rubber30/35/40/45/50/60/70 lbs8-14"

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