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Horizontal Barbell Holders for Mass Storage System

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Horizontal Barbell Holders for Mass Storage System

The Titan Horizontal Barbell Holders are pieces of storage equipment ideal for organizing single bars and other equipment. These pieces are built with a durable steel construction, making them strong enough to handle all the weight of specialty bars and other equipment you might need to store. The five-sided design adds more stability, while the top and bottom of the holders have protective rubber wear guards to minimize wear and tear. The intricate knurled pattern on each upright allows for a secure grip, and the two sets of three holes fit most bars and equipment. The large, easy-to-use handle on top lets you quickly move the holders up and down the rack. These barbell holders are designed to fit on Titan’s Mass Storage System, and are the perfect complements to keep your equipment separate and organized.


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Pros & Cons


• Can be used in-home, at-gym, or other settings

• Easy to install and disassemble

• Adjustable design to fit multiple barbells

• Holds up to 5 barbells simultaneously

• Durable steel Construction with protective black finish

• Sleek design


• Not designed to support very heavy weight

• Not height-adjustable

• Not suitable for larger barbell varieties

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-Ability to access barbells quickly and easily

-Robust design and construction holds heavy weight

-Rubberized strips to protect barbells

-Low profile takes up minimal space

-Compatible with Titan Mass Storage System

Should Not Buy:

-Incompatible with other storage systems

-Not designed for Olympic barbells

-Less secure than other storage systems

-Weight capacity may not be enough for larger amounts of weight


-Designed to store up to two barbells

-Made of a durable steel material

-Heavy duty frame construction

-Adjustable height from 32.6” to 55”

-Distance between holders: 18"

-Each holder is equipped with a rubber padding to protect barbells from damage

-Durable enamel finish to resist scratches

-Includes wall mounting hardware and instructions

ProductMaterialWeight CapacityNumber of HoldersDimensionsPrice
Titan Horizontal Barbell Holders for Mass Storage SystemHeavy-duty Steel500 lbs363"L x 13"W x 22"H$129.95
Rep Fitness Horizontal Barbell HolderSteel400 lbs363"L x 10"W x 15"H$89.00
Rogue Horizontal Barbell Holder12 gauge steel500 lbs262"L x 10"W x 15"H$99.00
XMark Fitness Horizontal Barbell HolderHeavy-duty Steel600 lbs460"L x 21"W x 15"H$159.00
Wall Mount Horizontal Barbell HolderSteel400 lbs236.6"L x 16.9"W x 2.2"H$59.99

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