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T-2 Series Battle Rope Anchor

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T-2 Series Battle Rope Anchor

The Titan T-2 Series Battle Rope Anchor is the perfect tool for getting your battle ropes in the perfect position for a great workout. It's made from heavy-duty steel and features adjustable anchor points that can be used on a wide variety of heights and surfaces, from wall-mounted to ceiling-mounted. It's designed to handle battle ropes of up to two inches in diameter and has two heavy-duty eyebolts that help secure the rope to the anchor. The special shape of the plate also allows you to set it up with different rope configurations quickly and easily. It can also be used with a variety of fitness tools such as suspension trainers, vests, battle ropes, and more. This anchor is an ideal choice for strength training and HIIT workouts at home or in the gym, as it will keep your ropes firmly in place no matter how intense the workout. It's also coated in a double layer of black powder for added durability and comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. The Titan T-2 Series Battle Rope Anchor is the perfect tool for getting your battle ropes in the ideal position for an optimal workout.


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to install

- Constructed with steel for high durability

• Powder coated finish for improved resistance to scratches and rust

• Small footprint, allowing it to fit into most gym and rack set-ups

• Includes mounting lag bolts, washers, and nuts for secure anchoring

• Can be used with a variety of battle ropes

• Bolt down design for added stability


• Cannot be used with any other type of fitness equipment

• Must be mounted to a solid floor or foundation

• Requires professional installation and setup for optimal performance

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Convenient and easy to use

• Great way to add variety to your workouts

• Easy to transport between locations

• Constructed from heavy-duty iron

Should Not Buy:

• Expensive compared to similar products

• Not suitable for outdoor use

• Heavy and not suitable for small spaces


-Completely adjustable anchor

-Robust construction

-Compatible with up to 2" battle rope

-Securely attaches your battle rope to the floor

-Compatible with wood, concrete, and rubberized flooring

-Open hook design for quick and easy setup

-Footprint measurements: 4" x 6"

Titan T-2 Series Battle Rope AnchorExtreme Monkey Black PRO Battle Rope AnchorUltimate Body Press Wall Mount Rig AnchorLetsfit Power Tower
400 lbs400 lbs500 lbs330 lbs
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