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T-3 or X-3 Series Band Pegs

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T-3 or X-3 Series Band Pegs

The Titan Fitness T-3 or X-3 Series Band Pegs are an essential tool to any home gym. They are designed to fit on the T-3 and X-3 Series power racks and their rubber wraps are perfect for attaching bands, chains, and other accessories to your equipment. The pegs have a standard 1” diameter opening and are available in 6” and 9” lengths to provide the perfect fit for your equipment. They are made of a durable steel construction and feature a strong chrome finish to protect them from rust and other potential damage. With their easy installation and removal, these pegs are a great addition to any home gym. Use them to add resistance to your lifts, increase grip strength, and more. The Titan Fitness T-3 or X-3 Series Band Pegs are an important accessory for any serious powerlifter or fitness enthusiast.


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Pros & Cons


• Included durability with a zinc plated finish on the 11ga steel Construction

• Compatible with T-3 and X-3 Series Racks

• Easy to adjust and install

• Four band peg attachments and four band pegs included

• Multi-purpose customization with the dual hole configuration


• Extra hardware is not included for installation

• Not compatible with any other racks outside of the T-3 and X-3 Series Racks

Who Should Buy


Should Buy

- Easy to install (no drilling or bolting required)

- Durable steel construction

- Can be locked to the uprights of your rack for added security

- Compatible with any T-3 or X-3 series rack

- Available in a pair

Should Not Buy

- Not suitable for other brands of racks

- Pricey compared to similar accessories from other brands


-Secured to the 2"x3" 11 gauge steel uprights

-Compatible with 2"x2" 11 gauge steel uprights

-Two-piece split design

-Two 3/8” thick steel plates

-Each band peg accommodates up to 4 Olympic-style collars

-Yellow zinc plated

Band PegTitan T-3 or X-3 SeriesSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Weight0.6 lbs0.4 lbs0.5 lbs0.6 lbs
FinishNickel PlatedChrome PlatedChrome CoatedZinc Plated
Width0.7 inches0.6 inches0.8 inches0.9 inches
Depth0.3 inches0.3 inches0.3 inches0.25 inches

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