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T-3 or X-3 Series Dual Pull-Up Stabilizer Bar

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T-3 or X-3 Series Dual Pull-Up Stabilizer Bar

The Titan T-3 or X-3 Series Dual Pull Up Stabilizer Bar is a powerful accessory that can take your bar workouts to the next level. The bar provides the necessary stability and balance to help you get the most out of your pull-up routine. The stabilizer bar is built to last, using laser-cut construction and heavy-duty materials. Its extended, adjustable length allows for use with a variety of rigs and power racks, including the Titan T-3 and X-3 Series. The easily adjustable design makes switching up your pull-up routine a breeze. The Dual Pull Up Stabilizer Bar is designed to take on heavy loads, with a maximum weight capacity of over 1000 pounds. Its heavy-duty J-hooks are equipped with plastic liners to protect your bar, as well as your rig or power rack. The stabilizer bar comes in two different sizes, providing the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your space. Its sleek, industrial look adds an aesthetic touch, while its black powder coat finish ensures against chips and scratches. The Titan T-3 or X-3 Series Dual Pull Up Stabilizer Bar is an essential accessory for any serious trainer, providing the stability and balance needed for a heavy-duty pull-up routine. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started, this durable and adjustable bar will suit all of your fitness needs.


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Pros & Cons


•Heavy-duty Construction ensures long-lasting durability

• Provides more stability for pull-ups

• Compatible with Titan T-3, X-3, and HR-series squat and power racks

• Fully welded ends securely attach to rack

• Non-slip j-hooks add safety


• Cannot be used as a chin-up bar

• May require more assembly than other accessories

• Higher price point than comparable products

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Those in need of additional stability for their pull up bar

- Those who want a more secure pull up or chin up exercise

Who Should Not Buy:

- People without a pull up bar who don't need additional stability

- People who use a barbell-only pull up station


- Made of high-grade steel

- Supports up to 750 lbs

- Easy to install

- Fits 18" - 24" studs

- Adjusts to fit widths of any power rack

- Includes 2 support straps for extra stability

- Sleek black powder-coat finish

- Dimensions: 28"L x 3"W x 3.5"H

Pull-Up Stabilizer BarTitan T-3Titan X-3Similar Product 1Similar Product 2
330 lbs300 lbs500 lbs300 lbs300 lbs
8.4 lbs7.7 lbs9.9 lbs7.1 lbs7.2 lbs
Contoured Non-Slip HandlesContoured Non-Slip HandlesContoured Non-Slip HandlesContoured Non-Slip HandlesContoured Non-Slip Handles

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