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T-3 Series Rack Mounted Wrist Roller

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T-3 Series Rack Mounted Wrist Roller

The T-3 Series Rack Mounted Wrist Roller from Titan Fitness is ideal for a variety of strength and accessory exercises for your arms and wrist. The rack-mounted design allows you to perform multiple exercises with one piece of equipment. The pyramid-style weight plates are adjustable from 10, 15, 20, up to 25 pounds. With the 1-1/4 inch standard barbell and spring collars, the weight can be adjusted from a minimum of 10-25 pounds. The wrist roller features a 2-inch diameter for an increased range of motion for your wrist, and an adjustable height for convenience and comfort. Constructed from durable steel and powder coated for added protection, the T-3 Series Rack Mounted Wrist Roller is built to last. The convenient roller design helps prevent plate dropping, and the zinc-plated assembly offers a secure, quick-release lock-up system. This wrist roller is perfect for improving strength in the forearms, wrists, and biceps. Whether you're a professional athlete or just getting started with your fitness routine, the T-3 Series Rack Mounted Wrist Roller is an essential piece of equipment for your home gym.


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Pros & Cons


• Mounts to a T-3 rack for convenient access

• Handles Constructed with ergonomic grips

• Can be loaded up to 200lb

• Suitable for lat pull-downs and various rowing exercises

• Increase arm and shoulder strength

• Easy to assemble


• Not suitable for overhead pressing exercises

• Compared to some other wrist roller models, the T-3 Series is heavier

• The handles may not feel comfortable for longer workouts

• Limited usage options

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Builders of extreme, custom gyms

• Elite athletes and coaches looking to progress their training

• Powerlifters or Olympic lifters looking for an edge

• Fitness enthusiasts who require versatile, high-quality equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• Beginners who lack experience with heavy weights and complex exercises

• Those who are most comfortable with standard, weight room machines

• Holiday shoppers looking for a quick, cheap fix

• Fitness novices who prefer more simplistic equipment


-Upright posts with two chin/pull-up bars

-Mounted further-back full pull-up bar

-Fully adjustable swivel arms with adjustable 360 degree angle

-Multi-position dip handles on the rear upright

-Rack mounted Wrist Roller exercise equipment

-Thick, 1 inch mounting plates for maximum stability

-Easy-to-use pull-pin adjustment system

ProductTitan T-3 Series Rack Mounted Wrist RollerProduct 1Titan T-4 Series Rack Mounted Wrist RollerProduct 2Body-Solid WTCR PowerWrist Wrist CurlerProduct 3XMark XM-7629 Seated Wrist Curler
Weight30 Lbs45 Lbs27.5 Lbs38.5 Lbs
Construction14 Gauge Steel14 Gauge SteelTubular Steel & Heavy Duty Vinyl11 Gauge Steel
ExtrasPlate Storage PinsPlate Storage PinsBi-Level Hand Grips w/ Comfort Foam & Roller BearingNon-Marking Foot Platform
AdjustmentPop Pin & Guide for AdjustmentPop Pin & Guide for AdjustmentErgonomic Handle Bar AdjustmentErgonomic Handle Bar Adjustment

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