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T-3 Series Y-Dip Attachment

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T-3 Series Y-Dip Attachment

The T-3 Series Y Dip Attachment from Titan Fitness is a heavy-duty, multi-function exercise station that can be used as a stand-alone unit, or as an extension to an existing power rack. This versatile attachment is designed to help you get an intense workout without taking up a large amount of space. It features heavy-duty steel construction and is highly durable, making it an ideal addition to any home or commercial gym. The base of the Y Dip Attachment is compatible with both T-3 and T-3 HD models, including FID and Squat racks. It is designed to handle up to 500lbs of weight, giving you enough capacity for any strength and muscle-building exercise you may want to do. The Y Dip Attachment consists of two components — a back pad and a base. The back pad features reinforced high-density foam for excellent comfort and support, while the base is constructed from a triangular steel frame for maximum stability. The height of the back pad can be adjusted from 16” to 24” and features anti-slip rubber feet for increased safety. To perform dips, simple attach a pair of handles (not included) to the base, and you’re ready to go. The T-3 Series Y Dip Attachment is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a full body workout without taking up a lot of space. With its robust construction, adjustable height, and 500lb weight limit, it’s the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym.


Pros & Cons


• Made of heavy-duty steel with scratch-resistant powder coat finish

• Compatible with T-3 Series power racks

• Space-efficient, easy-to-adjust design

• Can be used to perform tricep dips, push-ups, muscle-ups and more

• Increases variety of possible exercises with the T-3 Rack


• Not compatible with other racks

• Can be difficult to assemble

• Not suitable for users over 300 lbs

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy

- Individuals looking to develop strength in their chest, shoulders, and triceps

- Fitness enthusiasts looking for a versatile, durable, high-quality dip station

- Home gym owners looking for an easy way to add exercises to their workout

Who Should Not Buy

- Individuals looking for a basic entry-level dip station

- Those not interested in a bodyweight-only exercise station


• Length: 10"

• Width: 8.5"

• Height: (with mounting block attached) 5"

• Maximum allowed load: 500 lb.

• Mounting: with mounting block

• Connection: 12mm clip-on type connection

• Weight: 4.5 lb.

• Material: aluminum

Titan T-3 Series Y-Dip AttachmentProduct AProduct BProduct C
Weight: 10 lbs.13 lbs.10 lbs.8 lbs.
Easy installationYesYesYes
Fits 3” to 6” pipesYesYesNo
Locking mechanismYesYesNo
Maximum load capacity: 2000 lbs.1500 lbs.1800 lbs.1000 lbs.

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