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T-3/X-3 Series Battle Rope Anchor

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T-3/X-3 Series Battle Rope Anchor

The T-3x 3 Series Battle Rope Anchor from Titan Fitness provides a secure means to anchor battle ropes of any size and shape. The steel construction with a powder coat finish ensures durable performance and lasting use. It features two heavy-duty eye bolts with a chain link design, allowing for a variety of configurations when mounting the anchor to your desired surface. The anchor also includes an adjustable back plate for flexibility. This allows for an easy and secure attachment on any wall, post, or beam without the need for additional hardware or components. The anchor also includes a 10” x 5” mounting plate, meaning you can attach it directly to the wall or other surface, allowing for a streamlined installation process. The T-3x 3 Series Battle Rope Anchor offers numerous benefits to users, including enhanced strength and stability. It also ensures a secure means to helping increase rope length and tension. The anchor is compatible with most types of battle ropes and its adjustable design allows users to customize their workout experience. Overall, the T-3x 3 Series Battle Rope Anchor is an excellent solution for anyone looking to take their battle rope workouts to the next level. The sturdy, adjustable design – along with the included mounting plate – make it easy to install and use, providing a secure and reliable anchor to your workout surfaces. Plus, the powder coated finish ensures lasting performance and durability.


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Pros & Cons


- Made from a sturdy steel Construction

• Rust and corrosion resistant material

• Easy and quick installation

• Makes it easy and safe for you to anchor battle ropes

• Flexible anchor mount allows you to fit any size rope

• Designed for both commercial and home use


• May not fit all types of wall constructions

• Does not come with screws for installation

• Anchor is slightly heavier than wall plugs

• May require two people to set up

• Does not provide a secure mounting point for very heavy ropes

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this product:

-People who are looking for an easy and effective way to anchor their battle rope during workouts

-People who are looking to get a secure and heavy duty anchor for their battle rope

-Anyone that wants quick setup and convenient storage for their battle rope

Who should not buy this product:

-People who do not intend to use a battle rope in their workouts

-People who do not need an anchor for their battle rope


- Heavy-duty steel construction

- Comes with fasteners for installation

- Supports up to 4,400 lbs

- Bolts into the floor or wall

- Easy to install and remove

- Textured black finish

- Compatible with Titan Battle Rope models

- Includes mounting plates and bolts

Titan T-3/X-3 Series Battle Rope Anchor8.81 lbs2.25"12.75"$40.00
Gorilla Anchor4.3 lbs11.5"4"$33.99
JFit Heavy Duty Anchor3.2 lbs11"3.25"$49.02
Harman Iron Anchor6.5 lbs11.5"6.5"$37.99
Element Fitness Anchor6 kg36"18"$99.00

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