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TITAN Series Adjustable Monolift Attachments

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TITAN Series Adjustable Monolift Attachments

The Titan Series Adjustable Monolift Attachment is an all-in-one exercise accessory for squats, deadlifts, and bench press exercises. This attachment is designed to fit any brand of power rack, including both the T-3 and T-6 lines. The unit consists of two adjustable arms that extend to lift the bar off the rack and out of the way, providing easy access and improved safety during your workout. The arms feature high-grade laser-cut steel construction, a 3-inch diameter, and heavy-duty welds. The arms also adjust quickly and easily to suit different user heights and desired start heights. The overall weight capacity is 375 lbs (170 kg). The Titan Series Adjustable Monolift Attachment is an ideal accessory for users who want to safely and conveniently perform Olympic lifts. Because it eliminates the need to load and unload plates from the bar each time, the attachment makes it easy to transition quickly to the next set without having to worry about proper plate loading technique. It also eliminates the cumbersome plate carrying and loading process and saves time and energy. The adjustable arms add an extra level of safety and ease of motion for the user. Overall, the Titan Series Adjustable Monolift Attachment is an excellent choice for any serious lifter or athlete who wants to safely and efficiently perform Olympic lifts. Its adjustable arms make it easy to tailor the start height to suit different users, while the sturdy construction ensures it will last through heavy use.


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Pros & Cons


• Compatible with all power racks from the Titan Series

• Easy to install

• Strong and secure connection to rack

• Adjustable to accommodate a wide range of heights and exercises


• Not compatible with racks from other brands

• May require additional couplers and clamps for some set-ups

• Heavy

Who Should Buy


Reasons For Purchasing:

• Adjustable Monolift Attachments allow you to move the weight bar from one position to another quickly and safely.

• It is engineered with heavy-duty 3”x3” 11-gauge steel supports ensuring maximum stability and strength.

• Compact storage option is possible by converting the Monolift into a pull-up station or wall mounted.

• The Monolift features a durable powder-coat finish, J-hooks, and rubberized feet for enhanced stability.

Reasons Against Purchasing:

• Purchase is not necessary to have an effective workout.

• Not suitable for individuals on a budget.

• Can be difficult to store in some home gyms due to its bulky size.


- Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Powder Coat Finish

- Fits Olympic Barbells with 2” or less Sleeves

- Bolt Together Design

- 2 Lift Arms for a single station

- Fits up to 550lbs at each station

- Includes 2 Monolift Attachments and mounting hardware

ProductWarrantyAdjustablePrice Range
Titan TITAN Series Adjustable Monolift Attachment1 YearYes$285-$320
Rogue Monolift System1 YearYes$275-$345
Valor Fitness MB-4 Monolift RackLimited LifetimeYes$799
FringeSport Fully Adjustable Rack Mount Monolift1 YearYes$395
Rep Fitness Max Rack Mounted Monolift2 YearsYes$290

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