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T-3 and X-3 Series Revolving Pull-Up Bars

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T-3 and X-3 Series Revolving Pull-Up Bars

The Titan Fitness T3X3RVLFRM Rotating Pull-Up Bar is a fully adjustable and sturdy pull-up bar with extended reach for a full range of motion. The bar is constructed of heavy-duty 2-inch steel for maximum durability and superior strength. The unique 45-degree angle allows for a greater pull-up range and maximum strength gains. Multi-grip handles provide the user with an array of options for different hand positions and exercises, ranging from wide grip pull-ups and chin-ups to narrow grip or hammer grip pull-ups and chin-ups. The bar also comes with an adjustable height and angle for additional customization for your workout needs. The steel construction is safe for all home gym systems and can be easily mounted using the included hardware. With its extended range of motion and customizable height and angle, the Titan Fitness T3X3RVLFRM Pull-Up Bar is the perfect addition to any home gym.

  • T-3 and X-3 Series Revolving 1.25-in Pull-Up Bars - (4) 1.25-in Pull-Up Bars

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  • T-3 and X-3 Series Revolving 2-in Fat Pull-Up Bars - (4) 2-in Pull-Up Bars

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to install on any 3"x3" or 2"x3" power rack

-Heavy duty Steel Construction

• Includes mounting hardware

• Features 8 close-grip positions in a single bar

• Can support up to 500 lbs of weight

• Textured finish helps provide better grip


• Costly

• Limited to 8 grip positions

• Heavy and bulky

• Not suitable for use on the wall or ceiling

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product

-People looking for a more spacious pull-up bar

-People interested in buying an all-in-one home gym

-People who prefer a revolving pull-up bar

Who Should Not Buy This Product

-People looking for a smaller pull-up bar

-People with limited space

-People seeking a cheaper alternative


•X-3 Series Pull-Up Bars:

-Inner peg diameter: 28/29 mm

-Outer peg diameter: 34/35 mm

-Handle spacing: 4 inch increments

-360-degree rotation

-Smaller diameter pegs for narrower grip options

-Easy to install

-Available in ceiling mount, wall mount, and tower mount versions

Titan T-3Titan X-3
800 lbs1000 lbs
Variety of HeightsVariety of Heights
Mongoose Pull-Up BarStamina Doorway Trainer PlusSunny Health & Fitness Doorway Bar
250 lbs300 lbs250 lbs
N/AVaried LengthsVaried Door Widths

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