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SCRATCH AND DENT - .25 KG Pair Calibrated Steel Plates - FINAL SALE

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SCRATCH AND DENT - .25 KG Pair Calibrated Steel Plates - FINAL SALE

The SCRATCH AND DENT .25 kg Pair Calibrated Steel Plates from TITAN Fitness provide a durable and dependable option for your weight lifting workout. Each plate is crafted from highly durable, corrosive-resistant steel with a baked enamel painted finish. The plates are precision cut and calibrated for exact measurements. The calibration accuracy of these plates is +/- 5 grams while the measurements are accurate to the nearest 100th of an inch (+/- 0.010). The plates offer an optimal grip, enabling you to easily store and transport them. This pair comes with a total weight of .5 kg. With its textured center discs and sleek finish, it is sure to provide a visually appealing addition to any home gym. It is the perfect tool for powerlifters of all levels.


Up to 28% off

Pros & Cons


• Calibrated Steel Plates for accuracy of weight readings

• Sale item at discounted price

• kg option available (for heavier weight lifts)


• Available only in 'scratch and dent' condition

• Final sale item, non-refundable

• Limited quantity available

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

-Anyone looking to invest in high quality, calibrated steel plates at a discounted price

-People with access to the necessary tools and knowledge to check the items for further wear and tear

-Fitness enthusiasts who plan to add weight plates into their home gym

Who Should Not Buy:

-People looking to buy new condition items

-Consumers without the means to properly inspect potential damage or minor imperfections

-Anyone unwilling to accept a product with some minor cosmetic flaws or possible wear and tear


- .25 KG (560 LB) Pair Calibrated Steel Plates


- Bootcamp approved for strength training

- 28mm hole to fit on 2 inch Olympic bars

- Durable stainless steel construction

- Ergonomically designed for better grip when loading and unloading weight plates

- Scratch and dent finish; may have small dings, scratches, or other minor cosmetic blemishes.

Product NameWeightCalibratedPrice
SCRATCH & DENT - .25 KG Pair Calibrated Steel Plates - FINAL SALE.25 kgYes$39.95
Ivanko Super Gripper 0.25kg Pair of Steel Standard Plates.25 kgYes$44.95
CAP Barbell 0.25-Pound Standard Gray Grip Plate .25 lbNo$3.04
Shop-Workout 0.25kg Plate .25 kgNo$2.99

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