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Scratch and Dent - 25 LB Single Color Urethane Bumper Plate - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - 25 LB Single Color Urethane Bumper Plate - FINAL SALE

The 25 lb Single Color Urethane Bumper Plate by Titan Fitness is a high-quality piece of fitness equipment designed for serious weight training. This plate is made from heavy-duty urethane, a compound that is especially strong with superior wear and tear resistance. The thickness of the plate measures 50mm, making it ideal for Olympic style lifts on any type of barbell. The outer circumference is 426mm with a weight tolerance of +/- 2%. The plate comes with a molded-in stainless steel internal ring for high performance stability. It is color-coded for easy identification, and the stainless steel insert will not rust, chip, or peel. The textured black finish is easy to grip and minimizes slippage. This Scratch & Dent model is final sale and may come with minor cosmetic blemishes, but these will not affect the performance of the product.


Up to 15% off

Pros & Cons


• Durable urethane Construction

• Color coded for easy weight identification

• Low bounce for safety

• Available in multiple weights

• Final sale with discounted prices


• Not sold as a set of plates—can only be purchased individually

• Scratch and dent discount plates may have cosmetic flaws

• More expensive than other plate types

• Lower weight capacity than steel plates

• Can only be used with Olympic-sized bars

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People looking to train with Olympic style weights

• People looking to build strength

• People looking for affordable weight sets

• People who are creative and don't mind repairing/modifying equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who cannot repair or modify equipment

• People who do not wish to train with Olympic weights

• People who are looking for new, perfect weight sets

• People on a budget who cannot afford to repair any damage the plates may have


- 25 LB Single Color Urethane Bumper Plate


- Color: Black

- Plate Thickness: 16.5mm

- Plate Diameter: 450mm

- Material : Virgin Rubber

- Possibility of Cosmetic Defects

- NO returns, NO exchanges

- Free Shipping, within the US only

25 LBUrethane$53.99
25 LBUrethane$64.99
25 LBUrethane$79.00
25 LBUrethane$79.99

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