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Scratch and Dent - 6’ Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar | 15 LB - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - 6’ Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar | 15 LB - FINAL SALE

This 15 lb Scratch and Dent 6' Aluminum Olympic Technique Bar from Titan Fitness is the ideal barbell for any Olympic weightlifting enthusiast or gym-goer looking for premium quality and performance at a discounted price. The 6' length is perfect for traditional Olympic lifts, such as the snatch, clean & jerk, deadlifts, and squat variations. This bar is made of durable aluminum with 12.75” loadable sleeves and a total bar weight of just 15 lbs - making it one of the lightest Olympic bars on the market. The aluminum construction ensures a good load capacity with less bow than other bars, allowing for more stable and efficient lifts. This bar also features an attractive brushed aluminum finish and dual, easy-grip knurled handles. It should be noted that this is a scratch and dent product and may have minor cosmetic blemishes, but these blemishes have been inspected and determined to have no impact on performance. All in all, this bar is a great value buy for anyone looking for reliable, Olympic-grade performance at a budget-friendly price.


Up to 15% off

Pros & Cons


• Lightweight: only 15 lbs

• Olympic Technique Bar for weight lifters

• long and 28 mm thick

- High quality, durable aluminum Construction

• Can be used with Olympic-sized weights

• Cost effective solution


• Scratch and Dent: may show signs of wear and tear

• Final Sale: no returns or exchanges

• Limited quantity: sale is only while supplies last

• Not recommended for Olympic lifting heavier than 95 lbs

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- Those looking for an affordable barbell

- Individuals searching for a bar suitable for olympic technique lifts

- Anyone who doesn't mind aesthetic defects

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those primarily looking for a heavy-duty, high end barbell

- Those in need of a bar with perfect aesthetics

- Anybody seeking a bar specifically for use with bumper plates


• Weight: 15 LB

• Length: 6'

• Material: Aluminum

• Type: Olympic Technique Bar

• Condition: Scratch and Dent

• Final Sale Item

Weight (lbs)MaterialLength (ft)
15 LB - FINAL SALE15Aluminum6$149.99
20Stainless Steel7$99.99
20Stainless Steel7$154.99

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