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Scratch and Dent - 8lb Rubber Medicine Ball - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - 8lb Rubber Medicine Ball - FINAL SALE

The 8lb Rubber Medicine Ball by Titan Fitness is an essential piece of equipment for any gym or fitness center. This medicine ball is made of durable, heavy-duty rubber material which makes it ideal for a variety of exercises and activities. The 8lbs weight makes it perfect for explosive muscle-building exercises as well as core strengthening and balance drills. The textured surface provides a safe grip, promoting proper form and technique. At a diameter of 8.75" , this medicine ball is an ideal size for most athletes and can comfortably accommodate a number of users. Furthermore, this medicine ball is from Titan Fitness' Scratch & Dent collection, meaning that you can benefit from their exceptional craftsmanship and exemplary quality at an unbeatable price. Titan Fitness stands behind their products and even offers a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


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Pros & Cons


• lb Rubber Medicine Ball

• Durable

• Non-marking rubber casing

• Ideal for wallball exercises, plyo drills and core exercises


• Scratch-and-dent, implies product imperfections

• Final sale, no returns or exchanges

Who Should Buy

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Reasons to Buy:

• Affordable

• Durable

• Great for workouts

• Perfect for home gyms

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Damaged product - may not function as intended

• May not have original features and parts

• May not be eligible for returns


-Weight: 8lb

-Material: Rubber

-Sale Type: Final Sale

-Condition: Scratch & Dent

Titan Scratch and Dent 8lb MB8 lb$65High
Amajiu Medicine Ball 8 lb8 lb$24.99High
CAP Barbell 4-Pound Medicine Ball4 lb$17.95Moderately High
Valor Fitness MBX-2 10 lb10 lb$45.99Moderately High
CAP Barbell 8-Pound Medicine Ball8 lb$18.99Moderately High

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