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SCRATCH AND DENT - 91" X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Rack - FINAL SALE

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SCRATCH AND DENT - 91" X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Rack - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness 91-Inch x 3 Series Flat Foot Power Rack is ideal for any weightlifting power rack setup. Made from 12-gauge steel, this rack is designed for strength and functionality. The flat-foot design allows for more stability and improved balance, while the 91-inch frame provides ample space for a variety of movements and lifts. The j-hooks are adjustable and hold their position while pulling the barbell in and out. The safeties are ideal for those doing larger lifts and act as a second layer of protection. The addition of band pegs, on either side of the power rack, adds extra versatility and increases the range of exercises that can be completed. This scratch and dent model is designed for scratch and dent sales, hence it comes with a one year parts warranty.


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Pros & Cons


- Durable: Constructed with 11-gauge steel 2”x2" uprights

• Safe and secure: Includes two adjustable safety bars and two chrome bar catches

• Versatile: Features 24 adjustable positions and multiple plate storage accessories

• Cost Effective

• Free Shipping in the continental U.S.


• Limited Warranty

• Non-returnable item

• Scratch-and-dent model might have cosmetic imperfections

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

- 91-inch x 3-series flat-foot power rack

- Heavy-duty 11-gauge steel

- 28-set-top and bottom band pegs

- Features adjustable J-hooks

- Safety spotters

- Maximum weight capacity of 1000 lbs

- Compatible with accessory attachments

Reasons Not to Buy:

- Final Sale product with no warranties or returns

- May have cosmetic blemishes

- Has been inspected and tested, however there is no guarantee of quality or durability

- Discontinued model with limited number of parts available for repairs

- Limited accessories available


-91" Tall Power Rack

-X-3 Series

-Flat Foot Design

-2" x 3" Steel Frame

-Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar

-Large 16-Gauge Steel Plate Storage

-Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar

-4 Laser Cut UHMW-lined J-Cups

-Featuring Westside Hole Spacing

-Tested to 1500 lbs.

-Final Sale

ProductPriceWeight CapacityWidth
SCRATCH AND DENT - 91" X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Rack - FINAL SALE$719.991,000 lbs.90.5"
Marcy Power Rack Oversized with Pulley System – SM-4650$703.991,000 lbs.90"
Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack with Vulcan Strength J-Cups$6491000 lbs.87"
Rage Fitness R2 Power Rack – Revolutionary Design$999.991,000 lbs.87"

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