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Scratch and Dent - Adjustable Monolift (Pair) for Titan Series Power Rack - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Adjustable Monolift (Pair) for Titan Series Power Rack - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Adjustable Monolift (Pair) for Titan Series Power Rack provides a convenient and adjustable way to perform unique exercises to target different muscle groups and improve overall strength. This superior Monolift system allows you to easily adjust from a shoulder-height to a deadlift position, allowing for a much wider range of exercises than normal. The Monolift system is designed to fit and be coupled with the Titan Series Power Rack, providing an unbeatable combo of safety, ease of use, and stability while performing heavy-duty exercises. The adjustable Monolift (pair) comes in two pieces constructed with durable 11-gauge steel and a black powder coat finish to provide superior strength and reliability. The two pieces are connected with an adjustable pull pin and connection hub, allowing for an easily adjustable and secure fit that maintains a sturdy base. The Monolift is adjustable from 9 - 33.5” high and can hold up to 1015 lbs of weight while in use. This superior resistance training equipment comes with all the necessary hardware and tools needed to assemble and connect the Monolift to the Titan Series Power Rack, allowing for a quick, easy, and secure setup. Additionally, the product includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering any defects or failures when properly and all instructions were followed. Add a unique angle to your workouts and experience a greater range of exercises today! The Titan Fitness Adjustable Monolift (Pair) for Titan Series Power Rack provides unbeatable strength and durability with reliable adjustability and safety while performing intense exercises.


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Pros & Cons


• Unique “monolift” design allows for easy racking and un-racking of the barbell

• Integrated with Titan’s series power racks

-Constructed with heavy-duty steel for added strength and durability

• Fully adjustable width and height setting for the best fit

• Great value for money


• Style not universal to other power racks on the market

• Final sale: no returns, refunds or exchanges

• Scratch and Dent models have imperfections and may be unpainted

• No warranty

• May require additional installation by the customer

Who Should Buy

For people to buy:

• Adjustable monolift for Titan Series Power Rack

• Discontinued item is being offered at a discounted price

• Ideal for serious lifters who are looking for a durable and reliable product

For people not to buy:

• Not ideal for very light weight lifting

• Not suitable for those on a tight budget who are seeking the lowest possible price


• Maximum weight capacity: 1,200lbs

• Height range: 63.5" to 68.5"

• Width: 19"

• Depth: 19.5"

• Weight: 151 lbs

• Material: 4" x 4" 11-gauge welded steel construction

• Finish: black powder coated

ProductHeight Adjustment RangeWeight CapacityPrice
Titan Scratch and Dent - Adjustable Monolift (Pair)N/A1,000 lb$69
TDS Adjustable Weight Lifting Bench25.5" - 37”N/A$89
Cap Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench14" – 20”600 lb$135
D1 Summer Strength Package15.25” - 21.25”800 lb$269
FITNESS REALITY 1000 Super Max Weight Bench4-position Adjustable800 lb$119

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