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SCRATCH AND DENT - Cambered Bench Press Bar - FINAL SALE

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SCRATCH AND DENT - Cambered Bench Press Bar - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Scratch and Dent Cambered Bench Press Bar is a simple yet effective piece of equipment. After the standard finish has undergone a thorough quality check, any bars that show cosmetic blemishes, particularly with spotting and pitting, are designated as the Scratch and Dent model. The bar still has all the performance features of the original model, but comes with a slimmer price tag. This bar is designed with a camber to provide an optimal grip angle. This provides maximum comfort for the user, allowing for a more natural range of motion. The bar also features aggressive knurling to increase grip and performance as well as a coating to reduce friction and protect the user’s hands. The bar is built tough with a composite sleeve construction and a steel core with a hardness rating of 205,000 psi. It has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs and is available in multiple sizes. This bar is perfect for serious lifters who are looking for an exercise aid with professional quality and performance, at a discounted price.


Up to 15% off

Pros & Cons


• Reduced price

• Slightly cambered for more comfort during bench press

• Made of solid steel


• Likely has minor dents or scratches

• Not eligible for returns or refunds

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• If you are looking for a high-quality bench press bar on a budget

• If you do not mind minor cosmetic flaws in the product

Should Not Buy:

• If you are looking for a pristine product, free of any cosmetic blemishes

• If you are looking for a product with a warranty


• Knurled marks – Yes

• Warranty – No warranty

• Length – 7’ (approx 213.36 cm)

• Load Capacity – 1000 lb (453 kg)

• Finish – Black zinc finish

• Total weight – 35.2 lbs (15.95 kg)

• Sleeve length – 16.5” (approx 41.91 cm)

• Bushing or bearing – Bushings

• Diameter – 29mm

• Knurling – Olympic marks on shaft and rings

• Maximum load rating – 1000 lb (453 kg)

Product NameWeight CapacityLengthKnurling PatternPrice
Titan SCRATCH AND DENT - Cambered Bench Press Bar - FINAL SALE800 lbs66"Medium$99.99
Valor Fitness Cambered-Olympic Bar800 lbs66"Medium$169.99
Body-Solid Olympic Cambered Curl Bar500lbs66"Medium$179.99
Fuel Pureformance Olympic Cambered Curl Bar300 lbs66"Medium$104.99
CAP Barbell Olympic Cambered Curl Bar600 lbs72"Medium$105.99

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