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Scratch and Dent - Elite Olympic Bumper Plate | Black | 45 LB Single - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Elite Olympic Bumper Plate | Black | 45 LB Single - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Elite Olympic Bumper Plate is an invaluable piece of strength training equipment for serious athletes and gym-goers. The 45 lb plate is designed for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and general strength training activities. It is made from extremely durable, solid rubber to withstand intense dropping and tossing movements associated with Olympic weightlifting. The inside diameter is 2" meaning the plate fits any Olympic-style barbell used in commercial gyms. The unique feature of the Titan Fitness Elite Olympic Bumper Plate is its "anchored core construction." This feature ensures greater structural integrity, allowing it to bounce back upon impact instead of smashing or splitting, thus reducing wear and tear. The rubberized coating also means a longer life span, but it also acts like a buffer as the plate drops onto the floor, reducing its impact noise. Resistant to odors, stains, and chips, this Elite Olympic Bumper Plate is designed for long term, intensive training sessions. On top of its technical specifications, the Titan Fitness Elite Olympic Bumper Plate also has a sleek, professional look that matches contemporary gym design. With black coloration, the plate is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any workout. All in all, it's the perfect investment for any fitness enthusiast who is looking for a durable and stylish Olympic Bumper Plate.


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Pros & Cons


• Olympic-sized, high-quality bumper plate

• Heavy-duty rubber design offers superior protection for floors

• Plate has a 2” steel insert that fits Olympic-sized barbells

- Durable Construction increases the wear resistance of the plates


• Being a scratch and dent product, the plates may have imperfections and/or may not be the same as a new product

• Product is final sale and not returnable

• Price is higher than regular bumper plates

Who Should Buy


Why you should buy:

- Durable construction

- Great value for price

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Perfect for use in commercial and home gyms

Why you should not buy:

- Not suitable for competitive Olympic lifting

- Potential blemishes or imperfections from being a scratch and dent item

- Limited warranty due to being an clearance item


• Brand: Elite Olympic Bumper Plate

• Color: Black

• Weight: 45 LB (Single)

• Condition: Scratch and Dent

• Final Sale

45 LB$43.99Black
45 LB$39.00Black
45 LB$44.99Black
45 LB$41.99Black
45 LB$45.00Black

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