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Scratch and Dent - EZ Curl Bar | Rackable - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - EZ Curl Bar | Rackable - FINAL  SALE

The Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar Rackable is a strong and durable piece of equipment specifically designed for working out the arms and shoulders. Constructed from solid steel, the bar measures 31 inches in length, has a 13-inch loading sleeve, and is rated up to 200 pounds of weight. The bar’s rackable design ensures that it won’t roll away when not in use, providing stability for the user. The rackable design also makes it easier to load and unload weights. The EZ Curl Bar Rackable is coated with a durable black powder finish which offers protection from rust, scratches, and environmental elements. The bar’s smooth texture and easy grip provide comfort and reduce the risk of injuries such as calluses while lifting. The ergonomic handle design lets users maintain proper form during exercises. As this is a scratch and dent item, please note that minor cosmetic imperfections may be present and there is no warranty associated with it. This bar is available for a discounted price due to its condition.


Up to 15% off

Pros & Cons


• Rackable design for easy on/off transitions

• Chrome finish for durability

• Knurled grips for maximum comfort

• in length for increased weight capacity


• Scratch and dent design may be damaged

• May not be ergonomically optimal

• Potentially shorter warranty period due to condition

Who Should Buy

Why You Should Buy:

- High-quality ez curl bar by Titan Fitness

- Rackable bar that can be used in a power rack or trap bar

- A scratch and dent version is available at a discounted price

Why You Should Not Buy:

- You may not be able to return it after purchase

- It may have a cosmetic blemish

- You may not be satisfied with the fit of the bar in a rack if you don’t buy the full set


• 28mm grip surface

• 800-Lb tested weight capacity

• 48" length

• Black zinc oxide finish

• Includes single sleeve bar collars

• Rackable design enables vertical storage

• Use in home, commercial, and institutional facilities


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