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Scratch and Dent - EZ Load Hex Bar | v2 - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - EZ Load Hex Bar | v2 - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Scratch and Dent EZ Load Hex Bar-V2 is a functional fitness tool that is perfect for strength and power exercises. This EZ Load Hex Bar-V2 features a 2.5” hexagonal steel shaft, which allows for easy loading of Olympic weight plates for squats, deadlifts, and shrugs. This particular variant has a “scratch and dent” finish, offering a small aesthetic flaw in its appearance that does not affect its functionality. This hex bar has two separate grips that can be used in a neutral, parallel grip or a more comfortable pronated grip. The knurling offers a secure, yet comfortable grip when lifting. The olympic bars are secured with a lock-jaw collar, offering a secure and stable hold on weight plates. This bar can handle up to 600 pounds of weight, and has a length of 72 inches with a diameter of 33 inches. This bar is a great way to add variety to any strength training routine. It is perfect for those looking to improve their power, balance, and form while doing squats, deadlifts, and shrugs. This “scratch and dent” finish is the perfect opportunity to up your home gym setup with a versatile and essential piece of equipment without breaking the bank.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable design

• Chrome finish for corrosion resistance

• Non-slip knurled handgrips

• Can be used for squats, deadlifts, and shrugs

• High quality hexagonal shape

• Allows for more weight to be lifted


• May be scratched or dented due to “scratch and dent” product

• Limited availability, as it is a final sale item

Who Should Buy


Who should purchase:

• People who are looking for a more affordable Hex Bar

• People who are looking for an new barbell and who don't mind a few scratches and blemishes

• Someone who is doing a home garage gym renovation

Who should not purchase:

• People seeking a pristine Barbell

• People who cannot accept imperfections

• Anyone who needs a barbell that has guaranteed perfect performance


- Solid 16" steel hex bar with black plated finish

- 1500 pound rated capacity

- 30" shaft length

- 28.5" sleeve length

- Center knurled for better gripping

- Smooth spinning axle

- Limited availability

- FINAL SALE - no returns/exchanges

ProductWeight CapacityBar LengthKnurling
Titan Scratch and Dent - EZ Load Hex Barv2 - FINAL SALE1000 lbs83”Yes
Titan Fitness EZ Load Power Hex Bar1000 lbs83”Yes
Fringe Sport Multi-Grip Hex Bar2.0 Series1000 lbs79”No
Valor Fitness DD-33 Pro Hex Bar1000 lbs83”No
USA Sports Olympic Power Hex Bar1000 lbs84”Yes

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