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Scratch and Dent - Heavy Duty Arm Isolator Blaster Bar - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Heavy Duty Arm Isolator Blaster Bar - FINAL SALE

The Titan Heavy Duty Arm Isolator Blaster Bar is a great piece of equipment for those looking to focus on chest, arm and shoulder muscles. Its heavy-duty construction ensures it will be durable and long lasting, yet lightweight to make it easy to move and store. Its strong, ergonomic design helps to maximize user safety, reduce shoulder stress and make it comfortable to use. The Blaster Bar has a 3-position sliding seat that allows for correct positioning for use and to accommodate users of varying heights. It's equipped with 3 levels of spotter arms, allowing for greater control and comfort for users of all levels. The bar also offers multiple-grip handles, giving it the versatility to perform a variety of exercises in the same area. The bar's scratch and dent finish make it a great deal. It's perfect for home or garage gym use, and its sturdy design guarantees that it will serve you well for years to come.


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Pros & Cons


* Robust steel Construction to last for years

• High degree of isolation provided by V-seated elbows and neutral grip

• Handle is padded for comfort and features rubber grips for superior traction

• Attachment loop ensures the bar won’t slip off


• Item was previously used

• Slight cosmetic blemishes and/or imperfections may be present

Who Should Buy


for who should buy

- For those looking for a Heavy Duty Arm Isolator Blaster Bar at a discounted price

- For people who want a quality barbell but do not mind a slight aesthetic damage

for who should not buy

- People who are looking for a pristine barbell

- People who are looking for a certain type of knurling pattern on a barbell

- People who are planning to use the barbell for professional competition


- Black powder coat finish

- Heavy duty steel construction

- Olympic plates compatible 2” sleeve

- Pivot points on both ends for smooth, fluid movement

- Adjustable height

- Secured quick lock collars for safety

- Thick pads for comfortable arm isolation

- Ideal for arm-focused exercises; such as curls, tricep extensions & front raises

ProductPriceWeight CapacityFeatures
Titan Scratch and Dent$84.99600 lbShock-absorbing rubber, steel construction
ProSource Heavy Duty$25.99550 lbsNon-slip rubber grips, powder-coated steel construction
Marcy Home Gym$89.99300 lbsSlip-resistant, ergonomic padded handles, steel construction
Gymreapers Arm Blaster$19.95500 lbsThick Velcro straps, rubberized top, stainless steel bar

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