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SCRATCH AND DENT - Heavy Resistance Bands - FINAL SALE

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SCRATCH AND DENT - Heavy Resistance Bands - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Heavy Resistance Bands are an excellent tool for a variety of exercises and training purposes, providing an adjustable and versatile option to your weightlifting or cross-training routine. The bands measure 4 inches wide and have an impressive amount of tension. One major benefit of these bands is that the tension can be adjusted simply by moving your hands in and out of the loops. This allows for a variety of different resistances with minimal effort, enabling you to tailor the resistance to your individual needs. Constructed of durable latex that won't break down after multiple uses, these bands are great for mobility training, stretching, total body exercises and isolations. Their design is simple and effective, yet incredibly versatile and effective. Perfect for anyone looking to add variety to their routine, or beginners starting out on weightlifting journey. Please note: due to being a scratch-and-dent item, this product is not covered by warranty and returns/exchanges are not accepted.


Up to 23% off

Pros & Cons


• Great for a full body workout

• Heavy resistance to tone major muscles

• Easily portable

• Inexpensive way to get a good workout


• They may have cosmetic flaws

• Stains may be difficult to remove

• Need a couple of bands for different levels of resistance

• The bands may eventually wear out over time

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• People who want to achieve a full-body workout without leaving their home

• Those interested in saving money on fitness equipment

• Those who prefer to purchase pre-owned but quality fitness equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are concerned about warranties and product returns

• Those who require the latest and most up-to-date models/features

• Anyone who is cheap and unwilling to pay for quality fitness equipment


• Material: Latex

• Color: Black

• Includes 4 Bands: X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy

• Length: 48-inches

• Width: 0.5-inches

• Strength: 15-90 lbs. of Resistance

• Recommended Use: Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit

ProductResistance LevelDurablePrice
Titan SCRATCH AND DENT - Heavy Resistance Bands - FINAL SALEHeavyYes$15.00
ProForm High-Density Resistance Tube SetHighYes$19.99
AmazonBasics Resistance BandMediumYes$10.99
Gain Fitness Pull up Resistance BandHeavyYes$19.99
EHOBW Demi Resistance Band SetMedium-HeavyYes$20.99

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