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The Titan Maxxum 2XL Weightlifting Belt is a sturdy and reliable fitness and weightlifting accessory, suitable for both professional and home athletic environments. Constructed from a heavy duty texturized nylon material, the belt is designed for maximum support and stability during heavy lifts and workouts. The double layered nylon material is designed to provide maximum back support and correct posture, as well as protection against common back and abdominal injuries. The belt features a thick natural foam padding throughout, allowing for a comfort and ease of use that is unparalleled amongst many competitors. The outer portion of the belt contains a layer of embossed resilient leather, providing additional support and protection to the outside of the material. The belt also contains two flexible and rugged aluminum buckle mounts, which keeps the belt secure through all lifts and workouts. The buckle system is adjustable, allowing for a precise fit for different body types. The Maxxum 2XL belt is designed for maximum weight gains, with a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs, and progressive support for heavier lifts. Overall, the Titan Maxxum 2XL is a great choice for individuals looking for a reliable and durable weightlifting belt to support them during strenuous workouts. This belt offers superior protection and comfort, whilst providing tremendous support for heavier lifts. The adjustable buckle system allows for personalized comfort and security, while the embedded embossed leather gives additional strength and protection. With a 600lbs maximum weight capacity and a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that the Titan Maxxum 2XL is the weightlifting belt of choice for serious athletes.


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Pros & Cons


• Constructed of leather

• Triple reinforced stitching

• inch wide belt

• mm thick

• Two adjustable straps with roller buckles

• Available in sizes S – XXL


• Final Sale (cannot be returned)

• Scratch & Dent product (may have imperfections)

Who Should Buy


Should buy:

-Save money on a high-quality fitness belt

-Receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee

-Easy to return or exchange

Should not buy:

-Item is sold as-is and may be used or have defective/missing parts

-No refunds, exchanges, or manufactures warranties offered on the item

-Only comes in the one color and two sizes


• Color: Black

• Size: 2XL

• Material: Leather

• Features: 4” width

• Condition: Scratch and Dent

• Final Sale

Titan SCRATCH AND DENT - MAXXUM 2XL Weightlifting Belt - FINAL SALELeather10”4”0.8 lb$49.99
Serious Steel Fitness 4" Leather Weight Lifting BeltLeather10”4”1° lb$54.95
Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting BeltLeather10”4”1° lb$53.99
RitFit Lever Buckle Back Support Weight Lifting BeltNylon6”5”1.6° lb$37.97

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