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Scratch and Dent - Multi-Grip Camber Bar - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Multi-Grip Camber Bar - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Camber Bar is a rugged and versatile piece of gym equipment designed to target both the back and shoulder muscles. This bar is constructed from steel and has several raised grips for secure and comfortable use. It's a great tool for powerlifters or weightlifters looking to improve their pressing capabilities. The multi-grip design is an ideal way to increase the versatility of your workouts, allowing you to perform different exercises with one piece of equipment. The camber provides greater range of motion and more controlled movements, while the steel construction ensures durability. The bar is finished with a scratch- and dent-resistant black powder coating for a professional look. This bar is a great choice for any training facility or home gym.


Up to 23% off

Pros & Cons


- Durable and strong Construction

• Solid camber bar can be used with different grip options

• Camber angle is adjustable

• Clear powder-coat finish looks great

• Great for home and commercial gym


• Final sale, no returns

• Only available through Scratch and Dent product

• Scratch and Dent product may have minor cosmetic blemishes

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

- Those looking for a heavy-duty barbell to use for a variety of exercises

- People who will be using the bar for Olympic lifts and need the extra security of the different grip options

- Users who need or want a bar with more spin to accommodate their lifts

Who Should Not Buy

- Individuals wanting a more lightweight barbell

- Those who need knurling to help their grip while lifting, as the multi-grip camber bar has less knurling than a traditional barbell

- Anyone looking for a bar with more whip for Olympic lifts


- Heavy-duty steel camber bar makes chin-ups and pull-ups with varied grips easy

- Angled grip positions reduce joint stress and target specific muscle groups

- One-piece design fits easily in any home gym

- Ideal for strengthening and toning the upper body

- Non-slip knurled bar for a secure grip

- Bar measures 36 x 7 x 7 inches (L x W x H)

- Has a 300 lbs capacity

BarWeight (kg)KnurlingPrice
Bar 122Multi$199
Bar 218Standard$160
Bar 326Multi$219
Bar 435Multi$249

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