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Scratch and Dent - Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates | Black | 35 LB Single - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates | Black | 35 LB Single - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates Black 35 lb Single is a reliable weight lifting tool designed to help you achieve consistent and safe performance. This bumper plate is made from solid-cast rubber for a highly durable and reliable weightlifting experience. The dense rubber construction prevents damage to the floor, barbell, and other gym equipment, ensuring a safe and effective workout. The open cut-out handle makes it easy to move and reposition during your workout and the stainless steel insert is a low-maintenance solution to weight lifting. The plate has a weight tolerance of +/- 2% accuracy and is colour-coded for easy identification. The plate is an excellent choice for both Olympic and powerlifting, providing a dense and durable weightlifting experience. The 35 lb weight allows for greater precision and accuracy when moving heavy loads and the deep black color provides maximum visibility when training in low-light conditions. The Titan Fitness Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate Black 35 lb Single is the perfect weightlifting accessory for any gym.


Up to 22% off

Pros & Cons


• Economically priced

• Understandable scratches and dents

• High quality rubber

• Great for Olympic lifts

- Durable Construction

• Color-coded for easy identification


• Final sale, no refunds or exchanges available

• Not aesthetically perfect

• Potentially heavier than advertised

• Slightly degraded size accuracy

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy?

- Those looking for a durable product at a discounted price

- Individuals wanting to add weight to their home workouts

- Athletes with Olympic weightlifting goals

Who Should Not Buy?

- Those with serious financial concerns

- Consumers who are unprepared to make a quick decision since these are limited-time offers


•Material: 100% Natural Rubber

•Shape: Olympic

•Color: Black

•Weight: 35 lbs

•Condition: Scratch and Dent

•Diameter: 17.75"

•Collar Opening: 2"

•Status: Final Sale

35 LBBlack
10, 25, 35 or 45 LBBlack or Colored
10, 25, 35 or 45 LBBlack
25, 35, 45 LBGrey
10,25,35 or 45 LBBlack

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