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Scratch and Dent - Pair of 1.5 KG Change Plates - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Pair of 1.5 KG Change Plates - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Scratch & Dent 1.5 KG Change Plates are a great way to add some extra weight to your weightlifting routine. The plates are made from durable cast iron, which provides a smooth outer surface with easy grip handles and raised protruding numbers that provide a visual reference to quickly and easily adjust your weight. The 1.5 kg plates provide the perfect weight for small increments and the raised, red lettering stands out against the black metal for an easy visual reference. The plates are also designed to fit any Olympic barbell and can be used for a variety of exercises, including bench press, shoulder press, squats, and deadlifts. The scratch and dent versions of these plates have small imperfections in the finish, but they are fully functional and covered by a 1-year warranty. They are a great way to save on cost while still getting a high quality product.


Up to 14% off

Pros & Cons


• Precise weight measurement for adding extra resistance to exercises.

• Economical way of gradually building strength in workouts.

• Professional grade design for durability.

• Compact size for easy storage.


• Sold in pairs only so there is no choice in how many plates to buy.

• May be a bit bulky for smaller users due to the 1.5 kg weight increments.

• The plates are from scratch and dent products, which means they may not be in perfect condition.

Who Should Buy

Those Who Should Buy:

• Those who are looking for a high-quality product on a budget

• Exercisers who are looking for a smaller weight plate for endurance-type exercises or more specialized routines

• Those who weight lift and want a convenient way to add varying levels of resistance to their workout

Those Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are seeking out a higher-tier product

• Exercisers who prefer heavier plates for resistance or power-oriented sets

• Those who rely on a product's aesthetic appeal for motivation while working out


• Made of solid cast iron

• 1.5 KG each

• Diameter of 25CM

• Black colour

• Manufacturer's defects or scratches

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