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Scratch and Dent - Pin And Pipe Safety Set - 24" Depth - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Pin And Pipe Safety Set - 24" Depth - FINAL SALE

This Titan Fitness Pin & Pipe Safety Set is a high-quality, scratch and dent gym equipment that is capable of withstanding intense weightlifting and functional training activities. This set includes two diameters of pins that allow for quick and easy installation and removal, along with two durable pipes for extra stability. It features an adjustable depth, allowing for an efficient use of space in making the most of workout areas. The steel construction ensures a heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting finish, giving users efficient and reliable performance from their workout experience. The set also offers a total weight capacity of 2000 lbs, enabling users to safely lift, press and squat heavy weights. With its scratch and dent construction, this product has superficial blemishes that don't decrease its quality or performance. Made easy to install and remove, the titanium is the perfect choice for utilizing spaces and get a great workout. With its affordability and reliable construction, this product is a great choice to outfit any gym set-up.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable steel Construction

• depth provides plenty of space for safety requirements

• Includes several pins and pipes to securely secure weight on the barbell

• Pin and pipe safety set allows for adding and removing weights easily and quickly

• Can accommodate different sizes and configurations of weight

• An essential safety item for any home or commercial gym


• Final sale product, no returns or exchanges

• Possibly flawed cosmetics or scratched material due to being a scratch and dent item

• Not as visually attractive as new items, may detract from the aesthetics of the gym or home gym

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- Those who are looking for a quality, affordable pin and pipe safety set

- Those who have a weight lifting area at home

- People who are looking for a highly rated product

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who are not looking for a pin and pipe safety set

- People who have limited space in their home gym area

- People who do not need a new weight lifting equipment set


- 24" Depth

- Pin and Pipe Safety Set


- Titan Brand

Titan Scratch & Dent Pin & Pipe Safety Set - 24" Depth - FINAL SALESimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Depth: 24"Depth: 24"Depth: 24"Depth: 24"
Material: SteelMaterial: SteelMaterial: Carbon SteelMaterial: Steel
Load Capacity: 2500 lbsLoad Capacity: 2500 lbsLoad Capacity: 2000 lbsLoad Capacity: 3000 lbs
Color: GrayColor: GrayColor: BlueColor: White
Finish: Powder CoatedFinish: EnameledFinish: Powder CoatedFinish: Galvanized

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