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Scratch and Dent - Rubber Fixed Barbell | EZ Curl | 40 LB - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Rubber Fixed Barbell | EZ Curl | 40 LB - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Rubber Fixed Barbell EZ Curl 40 lb is an ideal weight lifting option for any gym. Made from solid metal components and durable rubber, this barbell is designed to last. The bar is ergonomically designed with a curved shape, allowing you to perform curls with more comfort than a traditional straight barbell would. It also features knurling on the outside of the handle, supplying you with extra grip control and safety during lifts. Plus, this barbell is designed with a welding process that prevents disassembly, making it an especially reliable option. This fixed barbell is 40 lbs, finished in black rubber, and comes with an included spring collar. This is a scratch-and-dent model, so it might have minor cosmetic defects. Overall, the Titan Fitness Rubber Fixed Barbell EZ Curl is a great weight lifting choice for any workout specifically focusing on arms. The ergonomic design helps promote proper form and the rubber finish is durable enough to handle tough gym sessions.


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Pros & Cons


- Durable rubber Construction

• Easy to grip EZ curl barbell design

• Firmly fixed barbell that stays in place

• Affordable cost


• May have some cosmetic damage

• Weights are permanently attached to the barbell

• Not adjustable for heavier weights

Who Should Buy


Reasons Who Should Buy This Product:

• Price point, competitively priced

• Perfect for home gyms

• Rubber-coated fixed weight

• EZ Curl design

Reasons Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Slight cosmetic blemishes

• No returns or exchanges

• Length and weight may differ

• Final sale with no manufacturer warranty


- 40 pounds of weight

- Made of rubber

- Fixed barbell and EZ curl bar design

- Brand: Scratch and Dent

- Final sale

Product NameWeightTypeMaterialPrice
Titan Scratch and Dent40 LBFixed BarbellRubber$32.00
Marcy Standard 1" Weight Bar40 LBFixed BarbellSolid Steel$65.99
CAP 2-Inch Olympic Barbell40 LBFixed BarbellSolid Steel$59.99
Ader Solid Chrome Olympic Bar40 LBEZ Curl BarSteel$47.99

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