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Scratch and Dent - Silencer Drop Pads | Pair - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Silencer Drop Pads | Pair - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Scratch and Dent Silencer Drop Pads are designed to provide a safe spot to drop the barbell from overhead, helping you to stay in control during Olympic lift exercises. They are a pair of 4” x 8” drop pads, crafted from tough, closed-cell foam with a vinyl covering. Each pad measures 1.75" thick, helping to protect floors and equipment, while also absorbing the shock of dropping barbells or weights. The drop pads feature a vinyl-coated, waterproof outer layer and an internal closed-cell foam core which helps to absorb sound, making the user’s movements quieter while they work out. Additionally, the foam core helps extend the lifespan of your flooring and equipment, as well as reducing noise in busy gyms. The drop pads are also equipped with 4 built-in safety straps, which attach to the barbell, helping to keep the pads in place during use. The Titan Fitness Scratch and Dent Silencer Drop Pads are designed for both residential and commercial use, making them a great option for home gyms and commercial facilities alike. Despite being a “scratch and dent” item, the set is still in perfect working order and comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Pros & Cons


• High-density Construction keeps heavy drops under control and reduces noise associated with dropping weights

• Easy installation and no need for extra mats for gym floors

• Reduces potential damage to wood and rubber gym floors

• Sturdy construction for added durability


• Scratch and Dent items are not eligible for return

• Can get slick when wet

• Pads are heavy and may be difficult to rearrange or change locations

Who Should Buy



- Great price

- Quality construction

- Perfect for drop-style workouts


- Not covered under standard warranty

- May have minor cosmetic blemishes


• Level of Use: High Impact

• Dimensions: 8mm x 46" x 68"

• Weight: 40 lbs.

• Thickness: 8mm

• Durometer Rating: 104

• Shock Absorption: 60%

• Color Options: Black

• Made from Recycled EPDM Rubber

• Warranty: No Warranty

ProductWeight CapacityShipping Price
Titan Scratch and Dent - Silencer Drop Pads400 lbsFREE
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Marcy Utility Bench with Leg Developer600 lbs$21.95
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