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Scratch and Dent - Single 115 LB Round Urethane Dumbbell - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Single 115 LB Round Urethane Dumbbell - FINAL SALE

This Titan Fitness 115 lb Round Urethane Dumbbell is a robust and durable piece of fitness equipment perfect for any home or commercial gym. This solid dumbbell features a thick, round urethane construction that is extremely comfortable and allows for proper grip, making it ideal for novice and experienced lifters alike. The textured chrome handle is designed to prevent slippage, contributing to the secure and efficient performance of your workout. This dumbbell has a weight of 115 lbs, making it great for training bicep and triceps for strength and power. This scratch-and-dent version of the product has minor blemishes due to shipping and handling, but still offers the same performance as its original version. Enjoy the safe, efficient and secure performance of this titan fitness round urethane dumbbell today.


Up to 20% off

Pros & Cons


• Affordable price

• Stylish design

• Made of high-grade urethane material

• lb. capacity

• Round shape prevents rolling

• Easy storage


• Final sale – no refunds or exchanges

• May have scratches or dents

• Only available as single dumbbell

• Not suitable for outdoor use

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy

-Anyone who is looking for a quality, durable weight set at an affordable price

-Gym owners or trainers who need to purchase multiple sets of weights

-Strength and conditioning athletes

Who Should Not Buy

-Anyone who is looking for a brand new weight set

-Anyone on a tight budget who cannot immediately purchase multiple sets of weights

-Anyone who does not have experience with lifting weights


• 115lb total weight

• Made from solid cast urethane

• Round shape

• Bolded number weight engraving

• 3 tier vertical design

• Non-exposed handles

• Flat rubber coating for increased grip

• Available in single or set

• Scratch and Dent Final Sale Item

Product NameWeight CapacityMaterialPrice
Titan Scratch & Dent -115 LBSUrethane$119.99
Single 115 LB Round
Urethane Dumbbell - FINAL
Bowflex SelectTech 109090 LBSMetal$239.99
Ironmaster Quick-Lock 7575 LBSMetal$169.00
Evolve Fitness Urethane50 LBSUrethane$99.99
Adjustable Dumbbell Pair

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