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Scratch and Dent - Single 20 LB Round Urethane Dumbbell - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Single 20 LB Round Urethane Dumbbell - FINAL SALE

Titan Scratch and Dent Single 20lb Round Urethane Dumbbell is an affordable and reliable weightlifting option. The dumbbell is made of a durable, round urethane material that is great for home or commercial gym and will stand up to long hours of use. The weight of the dumbbell is evenly distributed and allows for precise control and stability during workouts for a variety of movements. The ergonomic handle allows for a secure grip and easy handling. The design of the dumbbell is attractive, and its black finish will not fade in direct sunlight. While it is being sold as a scratch and dent item, the durability of the product remains unchanged. This single 20lb dumbbell is great for strength and conditioning programs. It can also be used to target specific muscle groups during specialized exercises as well as performing routine movements like tricep extensions and bicep curls. This product is a great way to progress in your workout journey and is sure to complement any home gym.


Up to 20% off

Pros & Cons


• Low cost

• Durable urethane Construction

• Comfortable grip

• Scratch and dent means minor flaws are already paid for


• Final sale, no refunds or exchanges

• May have greater cosmetic imperfections than expected

• No warranty or guarantees

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Quality product at an affordable price

• Easy to use

• Durable and built to last

Should Not Buy:

• Cannot be returned once purchased

• Not ideal for those with limited space

• Limited weight options available


-Weight: 20 lbs

-Material: One-piece, round urethane dumbbell

-Impact Resistance: Superior impact resistance compared to rubber material

-Grip Design: Ergonomic grip

-Shape: Round, contoured

-Finish: Urethane coating

Titan Scratch and Dent Dumbbell20 lbs$44.995.5"
Titan Round Urethane Dumbbells5-45 lbs$2.25/lb5.5"
Body Solid Urethane Coated Grip25 lbs$1455.5"
York Soft Grip Urethane Dumbbell12-25 lbs$2.10/lb5 1/4"
CAP Barbell Urethane Dumbbell5-50 lbs$2.00/lb6"

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