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Scratch and Dent - Single Arm Landmine Handle w/ Rubber Grip - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Single Arm Landmine Handle w/ Rubber Grip - FINAL SALE

The Titan Single Arm Landmine Handle with Rubber Grip is a high-quality weightlifting barbell attachment that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, whether you’re lifting at home or hitting the gym. This commercial-grade piece of equipment is constructed out of solid steel that resists warping and bending, and the black oxide finish provides superior corrosion-resistance to ensure that it stands up to even the toughest workouts. The handle is equipped with a durable rubber grip that lets you maintain a secure hold on the bar throughout your lift. The steel joint guard helps protect your barbell from wear and tear, and the threaded end cap makes for simple and secure installation. This barbell attachment is suitable for use with all Olympic barbells, and it’s perfect for performing a variety of exercises, including squats, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, rows, and more. It’s ideal for both free weight and landmine training, so you can target a range of muscles with greater efficiency. Note that this product is sold as is, so keep in mind that it may come with minor cosmetic damage.


Up to 14% off

Pros & Cons


- Solid steel Construction

• Rubber grip for better grip and comfort

• Versatile, use with multiple exercises and pieces of equipment

• Final sale at a discounted price


• Only available in single-arm design

• May have scratches and/or dents from prior use

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-Compact, easily portable

-Quality construction and material

-Sturdy grip handle

-Affordable price

Should Not Buy:

-Not expecting anything overly polished

-Defects may cause safety issues

-Not the best choice for beginners

-Must be ok with the discount for having a cosmetic defect


• Made of Steel

• Single Arm Design

• Powder Coated Finish

• Foam Rubber Grip

• 16" Depth

• 1.25" Diameter

• Limited 90-day Warranty

Titan Scratch and Dent - Single Arm Landmine Handle w/ Rubber Grip - FINAL SALE$39SingleBlack
Rogue Landmine Handle$55SingleBlack Zinc
Rogue Landmine Rotation Handle$59SingleBlack Cerakote
RFD Torque Arm Landmine Handle$49SingleBlack
BCRFlex Landmine Handle$60SingleBlack

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