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Scratch and Dent - Strap Safety System | X-3 Series | 24" Depth - FINAL SALE

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Scratch and Dent - Strap Safety System | X-3 Series | 24" Depth - FINAL SALE

The Titan Fitness Scratch and Dent Strap Safety System X-3 Series 24-Inch Depth is a great choice for stability and safety in any CrossFit, garage gym or home fitness space. This rack is designed to provide secure and stable squatting, cleaning and other weightlifting exercises while still offering plenty of depth to stay out of the path of exercise performances and injuries. Like any piece of equipment, it’s essential to always use the straps and keep them in good condition. The rack features 3 holes per post which allow for the use of standard, J-Hooks, safety catches and multi-grip pull-up bars. The posts are 1.5-inches thick and are made of solid steel for maximum stability and strength. The frame width is 24-inches and the frame height can be adjusted from 9-feet to 11-feet. The base-frame is constructed from 12-gauge steel with a capacity to hold up to 1000 lbs. of weight. The steel plate stabilizers are welded for additional strength and rigidity to prevent wobble. The frame is covered in durable black powder coat to resist chipping, fading and rust and five-way wall gushers are provided to attach to the wall. The rack is shipped in two base modules that can be easily bolted together, once in the correct spot. Although this rack is a scratch and dent item, it is still built with the same quality and strength that Titan Fitness products are renowned for.


Up to 20% off

Pros & Cons


• Strap safety feature allows for maximum control and stability

• inch depth allows for additional weight to be stored on the rack

• Final sale price is discounted


• Product is a scratch and dent, so it may have worn features

• No returns accepted on final sale items

Who Should Buy


Who should buy:

- Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a good deal

- People who prioritize quality and design

Who should not buy:

- People new to fitness who do not have experience with strength equipment

- People who need a pristine cosmetic condition product


- X-3 series Strap Safety System with 24" depth

- Weight capacity: 500 lbs.

- Material: Polyester

- Easy to use and install

- Quick release buckles and adjustable straps

- Heavy duty stitching

- Reinforced sewn joint

- Color: Green

- Final Sale Item

X-3 Series24" Depth - FINAL SALETitan Scratch and Dent - Strap Safety SystemProduct AProduct B
1000 lbs1000 lbs800 lbs900 lbs1200 lbs

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