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SCRATCH AND DENT - T-2 Series Power Rack - 83" - FINAL SALE

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SCRATCH AND DENT - T-2 Series Power Rack - 83" - FINAL SALE

The T2 Series Power Rack from Titan Fitness is an 83-inch rack that is designed to help enhance all of your powerlifting and strength-training workouts. Constructed with 2x3-inch 11-gauge steel, this heavy-duty rack is built for maximum loading capacity and stability. It features adjustable pull pin safety spotters that can be quickly adjusted to accommodate any of your desired lifts - from squats and presses to pull-ups and other bodyweight movements. The rack also features built-in plate and band pegs so that you can add extra resistance as needed. The scratch and dent version of this rack is covered by a 90-day limited warranty and is subject to minor cosmetic defects and blemishes. Whether you want to focus on your weightlifting or just need a reliable piece of equipment to help you power through your next workout, the T2 Series Power Rack from Titan Fitness is an ideal choice for any home or gym set-up.


Up to 15% off

Pros & Cons


• High quality power rack perfect for home and gym use

• Heavy-duty Construction

• Includes spotter arms and pull up bars

• inch tall height

• Final sale, at a discounted price


• Scratch and dent items have defects ranging from minor to major

• Item is non-refundable and non-returnable

• Frame is not covered by warranty and service

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- Those looking for quality strength training equipment at an affordable price

- Consumers seeking to purchase a power rack with a durable steel construction

Who Should Not Buy:

- Consumers looking for a power rack with a guaranteed full warranty

- Those looking for specialty features such as cable systems or complex attachments


-83" tall power rack

-2" x 2" steel construction

-Approximately 2PCS 11-Gauge Steel (2.4mm thick)

-Heavy Duty J-Hooks with adjustable height

-1000 lb weight capacity

-Scratch and Dent Final Sale

-Chin-up bar

-Multi-grip bar

-Stainless hardware

-Integrated Plate Storage

-4-way adjustable safety spotters

ModelWeight capacitySizePrice
T-2 Series Power Rack - 83" - FINAL SALE1000 lbs83"$510
Titan X-3 Series Power Rack - 83"1000 lbs83"$650
X-2 Short Power Rack - 67"1000 lbs67"$359
X-3 Short Power Rack - 67"1000 lbs67"$499
X-3 Half Rack - 83"600 lbs83"$399

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