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SCRATCH AND DENT - TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Red Cerakote - FINAL SALE

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SCRATCH AND DENT - TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Red Cerakote - FINAL SALE

The Titan Series Women’s Olympic Barbell Red Cerakote - Final Sale is a heavy-duty, precision engineered barbell designed to withstand Olympic level weightlifting. Made from a single piece of stress-relieved, heat-treated, alloy steel, this bar has a weight capacity of 1000 lb. (455 kg). The bar has a diameter of 25 mm (1 in) with a 5 bearing sleeve rotation to provide a firm grip with minimal whip. The Olympic knurling pattern provides a superior grip and improved balance. Additionally, the bar is finished with a premium cerakote red coating for improved durability. The length of the bar is 86.6 in (2200 mm) with a total weight of 20 kg (44 lb) with center knurling, making it ideal for Olympic lifts such as Snatches, Clean and Jerks, and Squats. A perfect choice for all your Olympic lifting needs.


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Pros & Cons


• Olympic barbell with red cerakote design

• Great for weightlifting and strength training

- Durable and strong steel Construction

• Wear-resistant finish for extended use

• Textured gripping areas and center knurling for improved handling

• Capped ends with sleeves for added security


• Not suitable for Olympic-level weightlifting competitions

• Not recommended for intensive use and/or heavyweights

• Final sale item with no returns or exchanges

Who Should Buy

Should Buy

- Price is great for a quality Olympic barbell

- Has red cerakote finish

- Final sale

Should Not Buy

- Scratch and Dent barbell, may not be perfect

- Non-refundable purchase

- Low inventory, may not be available for long


• Barbell Length: 86"

• Bar shaft diameter: 28.5mm

• Barbell weight: 18kg

• Max weight capacity: 550lbs

• Tensile strength: 190,000 PSI

• Many needle bearings: 8

• Dual knurling marks

• Red Cerakote finish

Load RatingTensile StrengthWhipKnurling
1500 lb215K PSIHighMedium
1500 lb200K PSIMediumAggressive
1500 lb190K PSILowMedium
1500 lb215K PSIMediumMedium
1500 lb220K PSIHighAggressive

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