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6 FT 3/4-in Heavy Chains

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6 FT 3/4-in Heavy Chains

The Titan Fitness 6-ft 34-in Heavy Chains are constructed with tempered steel links and are designed to provide additional weight and resistance to your weightlifting exercises. Measuring out to 6 feet in length and 34 inches in diameter, these chains easily attach to almost any barbell and add intensity. The steel links are securely connected to each other and are equipped with end closures and a black powder coat finish that provides superior protection against wear and tear. The chains themselves are made of cold-pressed steel and are incredibly sturdy when weighted down. With their ability to wrap around your barbell, these chains are perfect for increasing the load of squats, bench, and deadlift exercises. The steel links provide a secure hold, allowing for even weight distribution across the full length of the chain. Additionally, the chains are capable of handling a significant amount of weight without breaking, so you can rest assured that your heavier lifts are safe and secure. The Titan Fitness 6-ft 34-in Heavy Chains offer a reliable way to increase the difficulty of your workouts, while also providing peace of mind with their durable construction and secure fastening.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty chain links are made of steel to ensure maximum strength and durability

• Chains can be combined with lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, rack pulls and even powerlifting moves

• Offers variable resistance to build strength, power and explosive power

• Variety of sizes available to fit individual needs

• Chains come with sleeves and carabiner for easy set up


• Heavy chain can make lifts cumbersome and harder to transport

• Can easily slip off the bar if not secured correctly

• Potential for injury if the chain is not securely secured on the bar or the carabiner

• Must be adequately secured to ensure safety while using

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Great for those with a limited workout space

• High quality chains that won’t loose tension

• Can be used for a variety of weightlifting exercises

Should Not Buy:

• Not compatible with Olympic bars

• Not adjustable in length

• Not ideal for a heavy duty powerlifiting training


-Material: Steel

-Size: 6' 3/4"

-Finish: Zinc Plated

-Length of Link: 8"

-Link Diameter: 1/2"

-Link Shape: Oval

-Working Load Limit: 1800 lb.

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Steel ConstructionSteel ConstructionSteel ConstructionSteel Construction
3/4-in Link Sizes3/4-in Link Sizes3/4-in Link Sizes5/8-in Link Sizes
6 FT Length6 FT Length7 FT Length9 FT Length
Weather ResistantWeather ResistantCorrosion ResistantWeather Resistant
Heavy DutyHeavy DutyMedium DutyLight Duty

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