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Pair of Mini Bar Jacks

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Pair of Mini Bar Jacks

The Titan Fitness Pair of Mini Bar Jacks is a versatile and compact piece of strength-training equipment suitable for home and commercial gyms alike. This pair of barbell jacks makes it easy to quickly, easily and safely adjust the height of your barbells, regardless if you’re training with racked barbells, the Olympic lifts, or any other kind of explosive lift training. The Titan Fitness Mini Bar Jacks come in a pair, and each jacks has a construction grade aluminum base. Each jack stands nine inches tall and has a 1.25-inch by 1.25-inch footprint, letting you place them side-by-side for more stability. The mini barbells are equipped with a collar-style jack that is made from steel and will adjust in three-inch increments, allowing you to easily and quickly adjust your barbell height without the need for an extra spotter. The Titan Fitness pairing of mini-barbell jacks are the perfect addition to any gym, allowing trainers and athletes the versatility and convenience of quickly changing the height of their barbells, without the need to manually lift and reset the bar into position. With its unique design and construction grade materials, the Titan Fitness Mini Bar Jacks are a must have for any gym.


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Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and durable

• Easy to set up and take down

• Safe and stable

• Adjustable height

• Can be used for a variety of exercises


• Not suitable for heavier weightlifting

• Not able to target larger muscle groups

• More expensive than some other weightlifting accessories

Who Should Buy



• Fitness enthusiasts looking to expand their home gym equipment

• Lifters of any level looking for sturdy and durable barbell accessories

• CrossFitters or Olympic Weightlifters in need of more storage for their equipment


• People who don't want to invest in additional home gym equipment

• People with limited space or on a budget

• People who are only occasionally into the gym


-Max Lift Capacity: 3T / 6,600 lbs

§§ 1020

• Height - Adjustable from 82mm to 132mm

• Base Spread: 140mm to 460mm

• Jack Weight: 12 lbs

• 3/4" Hole for threaded attachments

• High-Quality Steel Construction

• Smooth Worm Gear Design

• Red Powder Coated Finish

• Safety Quick Release Handle

Titan Pair of Mini3 lbs1000lbs24”$20.95
Iron Jacks5.5 lbs1000 lbs30”$19.99
Wilmar Adjusters2 lbs1000 lbs27”$20.97
Pro-Lift Adjusters2.5 lbs1000 lbs24”$21.97
4X Lifters2 lbs1000 lbs16”$18.97

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