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Red Silencer Drop Pad Set

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Red Silencer Drop Pad Set

The Titan Red Silencer Drop Pad Set offers a safe and comfortable way to perform a variety of strength training exercises. This set includes two durable leak-proof pads which are designed to fit Olympic-sized barbells. The top surface of the pad is textured neoprene, allowing for extra grip and cushioning during lifts. The underside of the pad consists of a heavy duty, rubbery material which prevents skidding and protects flooring from damage. A mesh storage bag is included for convenient storage and transportation. The pads are also a great way to decrease noise when dropping heavier loads. This is thanks to their 3cm thickness and an embedded foam core that forms a dense cushion for successful and safe catches. Along with preventing any damage to your barbell or floor, the Red Silencer Drop Pad Set is the perfect way to make a weight room safer, quieter and more comfortable.

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Pros & Cons


• Reduces the impact of dropping heavy weights/barbells for increased safety.

• Provides extra cushion and protection when cleaning or snatching.

• Secure fit to barbell with hook-and-grommet fastener system.

• Resistant to damage.

• Lightweight and portable.


• Not suitable for heavier weights/barbells over 300 lbs.

• Costly for the pair of pads.

• Does not fully protect floors/equipment.

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

-People who are looking to reduce the noise created from dropping weights

-People who are looking for a safe and sturdy landing pad for drops of barbells and plates

Who Should Not Buy:

-People who do not have access to high weight lifting bars and plates

-People who do not plan on regularly dropping weights and barbells


- Set of two pieces

- Dimensions (each pad): 24'' x 28'' x 1.5''

- Made with impact-absorbing materials to protect floors and equipment

- Lightweight and durable

- Easy to store

- Available in Titan Red color

ProductPriceConstructionSize RangeMovement Types
<b>Titan Red Silencer Drop Pad Set</b>$99.99Dense Foam5in to 6inOlympic Lift, Power Lift
Rogue Plate Loading Pads$59.95Memory Foam & Vinyl6 inOlympic Lift, Power Lift
Sorinex Protective Weightlifting Pads$99.95High-Density Foam & Leather4in to 8inOlympic Lift, Power Lift
Force USA Plate Bowl Pads$99.00EVA Foam4in to 6inOlympic Lift, Power Lift
York Olympic Bumper Plates$79.99Virgin Rubber2in to 4inOlympic Lift, Power Lift

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