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TITAN PROLOC™ 1 Magnetic Barbell Collar Set

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TITAN PROLOC™ 1 Magnetic Barbell Collar Set

The Titan Proloc 1 Magnetic Barbell Collar Set is a sturdy, dependable accessory designed to keep your plates in place during any type of workout. The collars feature a single-action lever clamp which tightens the set of magnets that around the barbell sleeve, creating an incredibly secure fit. With a minimum weight rating of 450lbs and a maximum of 680lbs, these collars will ensure your weight workout is safe and dependable. The quick and easy action of the collar provides a firm and secure grip that can easily be adjusted and locked in place. The chrome-plated, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction provides a hard-wearing finish that won't rust or wear off, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The ergonomic rubberized handle grip lets you handle and adjust the collars with ease. A timer is also included to help with tracking your repetitions per lift and overall progress. Overall, the Titan Proloc 1 Magnetic Barbell Collar Set is a great choice for any weightlifting enthusiast looking for a dependable set of collars that will last them a lifetime.


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Pros & Cons


• Super-strong magnet design for maximum security

• Compact design fits Olympic bars with up to 1.97” diameter

• Non-slip light rubber material

• Easy on/off design for quick collar changes

• Available in blue, gray, or black


• Expensive compared to plastic collar alternatives

• Limited color options

• Not designed for use with standard weight bars

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- Those who take their gym sessions seriously

- People who are looking for a reliable and durable barbell collars

- Those who are looking to improve their conditioning/strength-training regimen

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those looking for an inexpensive barbell collars

- Those looking for a temporary use barbell collars


• Patented “titanium-look” grips for traction and durability

• Lightweight but ultra-powerful rubberized magnets keep plates secure

• Quick-release “hands-free” release for faster changed

• Compatible with 2" Olympic Barbells & dumbbells

• Sold in pairs

• Lifetime Warranty

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MaterialEngineering Grade Nylon, Neodymium Magnets, Steel Top platesNylon & Neodymium MagnetsRubber Pads & Polymer RingsSteel & Plastics
ColorBlack/WhiteBlack/Red/Green/BlueBlack / Yellow / BlueRed/Grey/Black/White/Black
Weight0.25 lbs (0.11 kg) per collar0.15lbs per collar0.25lbs per collar0.2lbs per collar
Dimensions3.15"L x 2.36" W x 0.9"D3.75"L x 2.25" W x 1.2"D3.15"L x 2.36" W x 0.9"D2.76"L x 2.36" W x 0.87"D

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