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60 LB Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell

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60 LB Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell

The Titan 60 lb Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell is the perfect piece of equipment for those seeking a higher weight load during work outs. This barbell is made of shock-absorbent black rubber and is designed to last a long time. This 60 lb barbell is ideal for exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench presses. Each barbell is made of high-grade solid steel that is then coated with black rubber for a comfortable and durable feel. With a permanent weight load, you don't have to worry about plates sliding off or adjusting weights for each new workout. The straight design means this barbell is easy to grip, ergonomically designed for comfort, and sturdy enough to handle even the most challenging movements. The bar length is 45.75 inches, making it suitable for most power racks and cages. The barbell also features a diamond knurling grip with a PSI of 1500, which offer a secure and non-slip workout. The straight rubber design of the barbell, not only prevents floor damage but also provides a cushion against the weights when handling. With no maintenance required from changing weights or other adjustments, this barbell is a great choice for any fitness enthusiast.


Pros & Cons


• Accurately weighted barbell at 60lbs.

• Professional-grade quality.

• High quality rubber coating prevents damage to floor and equipment.

• Low maintenance design.


-Price may prohibit buying for certain budget Conscious individuals.

• May be too light for advanced lifters

• Fixed weight means no range of weights available.

Who Should Buy


Reasons to Buy:

-Made of high-quality rubber, making it safer for athletes to use and reducing the chance of injury

-Comes with the pre-set weight, saving time and money for the user

-Compact design for easy storage

Reasons Not to Buy:

-No adjustable weight settings, making it difficult to upgrade in future

-Slightly more expensive compared to other home gym products

-Relatively small weight capacity, not suitable for everyone


- Length: 60"

- Weight: 60 lbs

- Sleeves: 5"

- Diameter Handle: 28MM

- Type: Fixed Barbell

- Construction: Solid Steel

- Finish: High-Quality Rubber Coated

Titan 60 LB Straight Rubber Fixed BarbellSimilar Product #1Similar Product #2Similar Product #3
Weight60 LB50 LB30 LB30 LB
Dimensions38.5’' x 2’'38.5’' x 2’'38.5’' x 2’'38.5’' x 2’'
MaterialRubberCast IronIronIron
FinishRubber CoatingMatte BlackMatte BlackChrome

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