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90 LB Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell

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90 LB Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell

The Titan 90-pound Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell is a great quality fixed weight barbell perfect for any home gym. With a hard chrome finish and rubber construction, it is both durable and easy to clean and maintain. This barbell has a straight design and is 90 pounds total weight with no revolving sleeves. It features a 1" diameter grip with a 28mm shaft. The barbell is made from high-quality steel and the ends of the barbell feature a rubber construction for a comfortable and secure grip. The barbell can be used for basic exercises such as squats and bench press, as well as more advanced movements with Olympic lifting plates. The straight design allows for more stability when performing overhead lifts. This barbell is perfect for running programs with fixed weight, as it's easy to calculate the amount of weight for each exercise. It is an ideal choice for a beginner home gym as it is easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective.


Pros & Cons


• Made of durable, rubber coating that will help to protect flooring

• Dual-knurled handle design will help promote a firm and secure grip

• Permanently-fixed weights

• Smaller barbell diameter of 1” is ideal for a variety of exercises


• Barbell length of 3.5-feet may make it more difficult to handle for some users

• Due to the fixed weights, it may not be suitable for heavier lifting

• There is no center knurling

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

- People who want a low-maintenance option for home fitness equipment

- Those who want a more affordable alternative to other barbell systems

- Those who are looking for a weight option that is portable and can be easily stored

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

- Individuals who want to be able to easily make adjustments to their weight

- People who plan to lift very heavy weights, as the range of this product is limited

- People who would prefer a higher-quality material, as this barbell is made out of rubber


- 90 LB Total Weight

- 16 LB Straight Rubber Fixed Barbell

- Solid Steel Construction

- Chrome Knurled Handgrips

- Collars Included

KnurlingHandleEnd CapsSteel Grade
Medium28mmN/AChromed Steel
Medium28mmN/AManganese Steel
Medium28mmThreaded End CapsCarbon Steel
Aggressive35mmN/AMild Steel

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