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Economy Olympic Barbell

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Economy Olympic Barbell

The Titan Economy Olympic Barbell is a top-notch 7-foot barbell designed for Olympic-style lifting and powerlifting. This bar is constructed from durable alloy steel and features an attractive black-oxide finish. It also features aggressive diamond knurling for added traction and a medium-depth knurl to prevent "tearing" of the bar. An aggressive center knurl helps secure the bar in the rack and provides additional stability during squats and other lifts. The bar has dual-marked Olympic and Powerlifting knurling and comes standard with a 2-inch sleeve diameter. The inner sleeve measures a full 50.5mm, allowing you to use standard Olympic or powerlifting plates without any issue. Accurate, bright white lettering is printed directly onto the barbell shaft to easily identify the different weightlifting techniques. The barbell is able to handle a maximum weight load of 1500 lbs. Overall, the Titan Economy Olympic Barbell is a durable, reliable barbell that is ideal for Olympic-style weightlifting and powerlifting. Thanks to its attractive black-oxide finish, attractive knurling, and accurate lettering, you'll feel confident and secure when using this barbell. So if you're looking for a great barbell for Olympic-style lifting and powerlifting, the Titan Economy Olympic Barbell is definitely worth considering.


Pros & Cons


• Made from heat-treated alloy steel

• PSI tensile strength for increased durability

• Bronze bushings for smooth sleeves rotation

• Knurled diamond knurling

• Medium depth, multipurpose knurling

• Works with 2” Olympic plates

• Needle bearings for stability while lifting


• Lesser PSI strength than higher-end bars

• Not as good for some power-lifts as more expensive bars

• Single knurl design pattern

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Anyone looking for a basic, affordable barbell

• Home workout enthusiasts

• Beginner weightlifters

Who Should NOT Buy:

• Experienced weightlifters looking for a high-end barbell

• Gym owners looking to outfit a commercial gym


• Steel construction

• 28 to 29 mm diameter shaft

• Bar length – 7.2 feet

• Weight Capacity – 500 to 600 lbs.

• Sleeve diameter – 50 mm

• Knurling depth – 4.5 to 5mm

• Knurling length – 24 inches

• Finish – Black oxide, manganese phosphate, or chrome finish

• Weight – 45 lbs.

Titan Economy Olympic BarbellAlternative 1Alternative 2Alternative 3
Weight Capacity450 lbs.440 lbs.370 lbs.400 lbs.
Length7 Feet7 Feet6 Feet6 Feet
Bar Diameter2"2"2"1-7/16"
Bearing/ BushingBushingBushingBearingBearing
Tensile Strength130,000 PSI135,000 PSI125,000 PSI125,000 PSI

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