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TITAN Series Cerakote Olympic Barbell | Red Cerakote

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TITAN Series Cerakote Olympic Barbell | Red Cerakote

The Titan Series Cerakote Olympic Barbell – Red Cerakote is an extra-durable barbell specially designed for Olympic-style weightlifting and powerlifting. Its 28.5mm shaft is constructed from a high tensile strength steel alloy with a 195,000 PSI rating, providing superior strength and stiffness. Its unique red Cerakote finish offers superior resistance to wear, corrosion, and scuffing, while also providing a beautiful finish. The barbell is made with superior knurling, providing a reliable grip surface when performing Olympic exercises. It is equipped with bronze bushings and snap ring construction, allowing for a wide range of motion and improved rotation when lifting. Its dual-layer construction includes a bearing housing and a snap-ring design for superior support and stability, giving you the confidence to tackle your heaviest lifts. In addition, the barbell features a dual knurl mark design, which allows you to perform exercise with correct hand positioning for a variety of lifts. The barbell also meets most competition standards, with an overall length of 7.2 feet and a loadable sleeve length of 13.9 inches. Overall, the Titan Series Cerakote Olympic Barbell – Red Cerakote is a high-quality barbell for anyone looking for a durable and reliable piece of equipment for their workouts. It offers superior strength, stability, and durability, along with a unique and attractive finish. This barbell is ideal for Olympic-style weightlifters and powerlifters looking to perform heavy lifts with confidence.

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Pros & Cons


• Cerakote finish provides rugged durability and excellent grip

• Built to withstand everyday use in a commercial gym setting

• Has an impressive total weight capacity of 800lbs

• Compatible with all Olympic sized weights

• Knurling offers a secure feel throughout your lifts


• Upper sleeve spin may be slightly slower than other Olympic barbells

• Price is moderately high compared to other barbells

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

• Those who are looking for a high-quality Olympic Barbell

• Those who need a barbell that can properly support a high weight limit

• Those looking for a barbell with Cerakote finish for superior grip and protection

• Those who want high performance due to the bearing and bushings the barbell has

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

• Those who are on a tight budget as it is quite expensive

• Those who need it for light-duty purposes only as this barbell was mainly made for heavier weights


• Length: 7ft

• Bar shaft diameter: 28mm

• Bar shaft finish: Cerakote Red

• Bar sleeve finish: Bright zinc

• Bearing type: Copper bushings

• Bar weight: 44lb

• Tensile strength: 190,000 PSI

• Knurling type: Diamond / Medium

• End Caps: Polished, Engraved with Titan logo

ProductWeight CapacityKnurlingBar LengthManufacturer Warranty
Titan TITAN Series Cerakote Olympic Barbell2,000 lbsRugged7ft1 Year
XMark Fitness Olympic Bar2,000 lbsAggressive7ft1 Year
Fringe Sports Phenom Olympic Bar2,000 lbsMedium-Aggressive7ftLifetime
CAP Barbell Olympic Weight Bar1,500 lbsMedium7ft1 Year
Garage Fit Olympic Bar1,000 lbsMedium6ft1 Year

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