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Titan Series Olympic Barbell | Blue Cerakote

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Titan Series Olympic Barbell | Blue Cerakote

The Titan Series Olympic Barbell (Blue Cerakote) is an optimal choice for weightlifting enthusiasts and steel sport athletes alike. The barbell is designed with a 1,600 pound olympic weight capacity and a stainless steel shaft, which makes it exceptionally strong and reliable. The barbell is also the perfect fit for home or gym use due to its design featuring a tensile strength of 195,000 PSI, eight needle bearings and two oilier bronze bushings. The IPF knurling is perfect for heavy lifts and the fine knurling keeps the bar balanced and secure in the hands of the user. The sleeve is constructed with a combination of high-grade steel and urethane, allowing for smoother operation. The shaft is finished with a bright blue Cerakote for added anti-oxidation, abrasion and corrosion resistance. This makes cleaning easy and ensures a more pleasant experience. To protect the barbell from damage, the barbell is treated with a lifetime warranty by its manufacturer, Titan Fitness. With its quality construction and exceptional strength & balance, the Titan Series Olympic Barbell (Blue Cerakote) is a superior choice for your weightlifting needs.

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  • Titan Series Olympic Barbell | Blue Cerakote - Blue Cerakote

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Pros & Cons


• Made with high quality, strong steel

• High tensile strength prevents against bending or breaking

• Blue Cerakote finish helps protect against wear and tear

• Smooth center knurling provides a secure, comfortable grip

• Radial grooves on sleeve protect collars and plates from slipping

• Heavy duty bearing system and circular snap ring lock allows for smooth rotation


• Expensive compared to other Olympic barbells

• No bushing system making it less dense and more wobbly

-No lifetime warranty on parts and Construction

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Steel construction with high tensile strength results in an incredibly durable barbell

- Aggressive knurl pattern provides a secure grip on the bar

- Hardened and finished with blue Cerakote for wear and rust resistance

- Comes in 20 kg or 45 lb weight options

Should Not Buy:

- Not suited for Olympic weightlifting, only powerlifting and strength training exercises

- Cerakote finish is aesthetically stunning but may be unstable if used in wet environments, such as outdoors


• Weight: 44lbs

• Diameter: 28mm

• Knurling: Dual IWF Specification

• Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI

• Yield Strength: 185,000 PSI

• Max Load: 1,500lbs

• Bar Length: 86"

• Bar Material: Alloy Steel

• Finish: Blue Cerakote with Chrome Sleeves

• Bushing Spins: Smooth & Consistent

• Warranty: Lifetime

Titan Titan Series Olympic BarbellBlue CerakoteProduct AProduct BProduct C
Weight Capacity2000 lbs2000 lbs1000 lbs1500 lbs
Bar Diameter2"2"2"1.97"
CoatingCerakoteBlack OxideChromeSpot Brand

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