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TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell

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TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell

The Women’s Olympic Barbell by Titan is a reliable and sturdy bar made for serious weightlifting. This bar is constructed of heavy-duty steel with a tensile strength of 160,000 PSI, and it has a medium-depth diamond knurling pattern, providing a secure grip to ensure that the user can perform their lifts with confidence and without compromising form.The Women’s Olympic Barbell by Titan also features a number of unique features for women and beginners, which include dual knurling marks for Olympic and powerlifting movements, a cerakote finish to reduce oxidization and rust, and a center knurl to provide a secure grip. The bar also has needle bearings and a bushing combination that is designed to increase spin and prevent it from locking up, making it ideal for Olympic lifts. Additionally, this bar is designed with a special whip designed to help generate momentum while lifing.This bar has a total shaft length of 88.9” and a 28.5 mm diameter and it can withstand loads of up to 750 lbs. It is available in a bright Electric Blue finish and includes a manufacturer’s warranty. With these features, the Women’s Olympic Barbell by Titan is perfect for serious weightlifters and a great addition to any gym.

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Pros & Cons


• Stainless steel shaft for improved corrosion resistance.

• kg weight capacity.

-Bronze composite bushings for smooth, Consistent spin.

• Smooth, attractive chrome finish.

• mm shaft diameter for improved grip.

• Improved knurling for better bar control.

• Center knurl for improved power lifts.


• Only available in one size.

• May be too lightweight for some powerlifters.

• Relatively expensive when compared to similar products.

• No rotation technology for extra spin.

Who Should Buy


Who should buy:

- Women who are looking for olympic bars specifically designed for female lifters

- Professional athletes or hobbyists who frequently lift heavy weights

- Those working with limited gym space, as these bars are designed for use where space is at a premium

- Users that value the quality and reliability of a Titan bar, as these bars are engineered with precision

Who should not buy:

- Those who do not require the olympic barbell size and lift lighter weights

- Users who prioritize affordability and price over quality and reliability

- Those who do not appreciate the unique features of the Titan bar, such as its hexagonal pattern knit for superior grip

- Lifters who prefer the use of specialty bars such as powerlifting bars or EZ curl bars


• 7’ Women’s Olympic Barbell made of steel

• Rated for up to 600lbs

• Fully machined and knurled for comfort and improved grip

• Black Manganese Phosphate finish for added protection

• Medium-depth diamond knurling

• 50mm sleeve diameter with a 2” center

• 31.5mm shaft diameter

CAP OB-86U Barbarian Olympic Barbell
Satin Chrome
Bronze Bushings

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