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TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Pink Cerakote

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TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Pink Cerakote

The Titan Series Women’s Olympic Barbell in Pink Cerakote is a high performance barbell designed specifically for female weightlifters and crossfit athletes. With a unique pink cerakote finish and sleek black oxidation, this barbell gives its user a modern, stylish look while delivering the same rigidity and performance of a professional-grade Olympic barbell. The shaft of the barbell is constructed from heat-treated stainless steel with a tensile strength of 200,000 PSI; which guarantees the barbell a lifetime of use without flexing or bending. The barbell features a 28.5mm shaft diameter, which has been engineered to provide optimal grip and support. The shaft has No Center Knurling, allowing the user to perform Olympic-style lifts without the risk of damaging clothing. The sleeve length of the barbell is 16.5”, allowing it to accommodate bumper plates of 2” dia. The dual knurling pattern is deeply grooved in the center and relatively smooth towards the outside providing ample grip for dynamic lifts. The electrolytic black oxidation gives the barbell superior durability; making it resistant to rust, sweat and grime build-up. The bar is coated in pink cerakote which adds to its style and helps keep the barbell clean for longer. Additionally, the barbell is backed by Titan’s lifetime warranty; ensuring any manufacturing defects are covered for the duration of its use. The Titan Series Women’s Olympic Barbell in Pink Cerakote is more than just a stylish barbell. It is a multi-functional piece of strength training equipment that is suitable for almost any weightlifting style. It is rigorously tested and engineered to withstand the most challenging lifts, while allowing female weightlifters and crossfit athletes to look good while doing so.

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Pros & Cons


• Constructed with High Strength Steel for enhanced resiliency

• Cerakote finish for extended durability

• Dual knurl rings for Olympic lifting

• Perfect for multiple lifts and garage gyms

• Center knurling for extra grip

• Bright pink color to make a statement


• Can be expensive

• Limited availability

• Could be too short for certain exercises

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

• Gym or home gym users looking for a high-quality barbell specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting

• Women looking for a stylish barbell with an appealing pink Cerakote finish

• Lifters looking to increase their maximum weight capacity over standard barbells

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Lifters who need a barbell for Olympic weightlifting but want one with fewer special features

• Lifters who don't need the Olympic weightlifting features and just want a general-purpose barbell

• People who are not interested in the Cerakote finish or pink color


-Barbell Weight: 20kg

-Shaft Diameter: 28mm

-Shaft Length: 1500mm

-Coating: Pink Cerakote

-Center Knurl: No

-Knurl Outside Diameter: 33mm

-Loadable Sleeve Length: 380mm

-Sleeve Assembly: Lined and


-Tensile Strength Test: 200,000 PSI

-Yield Strength Test: 190,000 PSI

-Elongation: 15%

Titan TITAN Series Women's Olympic BarbellPink CerakoteOther Olympic Barbells
Weight20 KG20 KG, 15KG, 25KG
Length2200MM1828MM, 2200MM, 2010MM
KnurlModerate (IPF spec)Moderate (IPF spec), Aggressive, Smooth
Center KnurlingYesYes, No, Yes (Diamond knurl)
CollarsHeavy Duty Snap RingHeavy Duty Snap Ring, Steel, Brass
Shaft FinishPink CerakoteSilver, Bright/Black Chromed, Satin Smooth
Sleeve FinishBrass Bushings + Hard chromedprecision bearings + Bright/Black Chromed, Single rings or Composite
WarrantyManufacturer's Lifetime WarrantyManufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, 1 Year, 90 Days

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