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TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Teal Cerakote

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TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Teal Cerakote

The Titan Women's Olympic Barbell with Teal Cerakote is a perfect option for any female athlete or gym enthusiast. This barbell is constructed with high-tensile strength steel and features a Cerakote finish which provides superior corrosion resistance and adds a stylish look. The barbell has a length of 2200mm, with a weight of 20kg, and features a shaft diameter of 28mm and a grip diameter of 25mm. It is designed with a combination of bushing and bearing technology to reduce spin and ensure a consistent and reliable performance. The barbell has a maximum load capacity of 800lbs, and offers an medium whip for a smooth functional experience whether it's deadlifting, bench pressing, or Olympic lifting. The barbell also comes with dual knurl marks for a secure grip and four needle bearings for a smooth spin. Additionally, the barbell has friction welding to ensure a reliable and long lasting performance. This barbell is tested and certified to meet international strength standards.

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  • TITAN Series Women’s Olympic Barbell | Teal Cerakote - Teal Cerakote

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Pros & Cons


• Top-notch craftsmanship

• Durable cerakote finish in attractive teal color

• Designed specifically for women

• Center knurling for comfort and control when lifting

• High-grade alloy steel shaft

• Bushing system for smooth sleeves rotation


• Relatively short length of 58.5”

• Maximum weight capacity of 350lbs

Who Should Buy


People who should buy this barbell are women who are looking for a durable and reliable Olympic barbell for strength training purposes. People who should not buy this barbell are people who need an Olympic barbell for competitive powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting as this barbell is not designed for those activities.


- Length: 84.75 in (7ft)

- Knurling: Meter Marked (IPF spec)

- Bar Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)

- Grip Diameter: 28.5 mm

- Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.875 in

- Steel Type: Spring Steel

- Tensile Strength: 208,000 PSI

- Sleeve Coating: Cerakote Teal (Green/Blue) (maintains gloss and sheen longer than Black Zinc)

Teal Cerakote15 kg2200 mm25 mmSmooth
15 kg2200 mm28 mmMedium
15 kg2090 mm28.5 mmAggressive
15 kg2200 mm16 mmAggressive

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