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Axle Barbells

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Axle Barbells

This Titan Axle Barbell is a specialized barbell designed to provide strength athletes and powerlifters with a unique option for performing an increased range of exercises. Made with a lightweight alloy steel, this barbell provides strength and durability that is built to last. Featuring a 28.5MM diameter grip, this barbell allows for a stronger, more secure grip when performing your favorite lifts. The distance between the loadable sleeves is 28.5”, the perfect length for a variety of different lifts. The axles of this barbell are dropped into the sleeves, making it easier to set up and take your lifts to the next level. This barbell also features dual snap rings to prevent the sleeves slipping away from each other during your workout, ensuring that you always stay safe when training. With it's black oxide finish, this barbell is designed to look good while providing maximum performance and durability. If you're looking for an axle barbell that is perfect for powerlifting, Olympic lifting and other disciplines, the Titan Axle Barbell is the perfect choice.

  • 60" Axle Barbell - 60"

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  • 84" Axle Barbell - 84"

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Pros & Cons


• Axle Bar is made from high-quality, durable North American steel

• Multi-grip handles provide superior grip strength and comfort

• Eclectic design allows for easy movement and a lower center of gravity for barbell work

• Available in two different lengths to fit a variety of kettlebell workouts

• Can be used in addition to conventional barbells for greater versatility

• Versatile barbell for deadlifts, squats, presses, etc.


• Higher cost than traditional barbells

• Limited weight options

• Not easily transportable as it is large and bulky

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Training for strongman competitions

• Access to unique exercises such as Farmer's carries

• Improved grip strength

• Variety to a strength training routine

Should Not Buy:

• Those not interested in strongman or unique exercises

• Those without financial resources

• Those who do not have access to specialized gyms or equipment for strongman training


- Available in 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, and 35kg sizes

- Bars are 125cm in length

- 2” diameter steel shaft with black manganese phosphate coating

- Sleeves are secured with 4-piece snap ring collars to ensure plates are safely secured

- Ends of the barbells have grooves to ensure Olympic sized plates will fit

- Textured and knurled handles for a firm grip

- Compatible with Olympic sized weight plates

ProductWeight Plate CompatibilityKnurlingWarrantyPrice
Titan Axle BarbellOlympic PlatesMediumNo Warranty$66
CAP Barbell OB-89bOlympic PlatesAggressive Knurling30 days$90
Rep Gladiator BarbellOlympic PlatesAggressive Knurling10 years$219
Body Solid OB86BOlympic PlatesMedium1 year$85
Fringe Sport VulcanOlympic PlatesMedium Aggressive KnurlingLifetime$250

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