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Camber Bar Attachment | Pair

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Camber Bar Attachment | Pair

The Titan Camber Bar Attachment Pair is designed to add a new training dimension to a traditional barbell set-up. The camber shape of the attachment helps to create a more varied range of motion to various lifts, so users can not only increase the intensity of their workouts, but also benefit from improved muscle activation for better performance. The barbell attachment has a length of 38.5-inches and is designed to fit any standard 2-inch Olympic bar. It's made of solid steel that provides dependable load capacity and a secure grip, giving users the confidence to work hard. The camber has a width of 9-inches and includes knurling which helps to provide a better grip and improved control while handling the weight. The Titan Camber Bar Attachment Pair comes with two attachments, mountable in the center of standard Olympic bars. This means they can be used to lift a variety of weight plates, including traditional weight plates and bumper plates. The camber design also allows a greater range of movement in exercises such as overhead shoulder presses, bent-over rows, and deadlifts. All of which are great for building strength and power. For an even sturdier set-up, the Titan Camber Bar Attachment Pair is designed to be fitted with collars (not included) to securely lock the weight plates in place. This helps to ensure that users always train safely and with maximum stability. Overall, the Titan Camber Bar Attachment Pair is a great addition to any standard barbell set-up, providing a new training dimension and helping users to improve the intensity of their workouts. It's a worthwhile investment for those looking to get even more out of their home gym set-up.


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Pros & Cons


• Creates a lower center of gravity, allowing for greater weight stability in heavy lifts

• Provides deeper stretch and greater range of motion

• Increases muscle activation on lifts for greater growth and performance

• Can be used for Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting

• Made of steel for heavy-duty durability

• Easily attaches to existing Olympic Bars


• Increases the cost of Olympic Bars

• Can be difficult to lift from when using heavy weights

• Not suited for traditional bench pressing

• May require additional training and learning for proper use

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Those looking to increase lower body training intensity

- Those looking to provide a variety of exercises for their routine

- Those looking for high-quality construction

Should Not Buy:

- Those on a tight budget

- Those who do not have enough room for a large barbell

- Those who are looking for more resistance other than weight


- Suiteable for 7-foot Olympic bars

- Large removable handles

- Cable adjuster for height adjustments

- Accomodates multiple grip widths

- Designed for functional strengthening

- Reinforced construction for maximum durability

- Textured rubber grips for added comfort and secure grip

- Easy to attach and remove.

Titan Camber Bar AttachmentSimilar Product ASimilar Product BSimilar Product C
Attachment length15 inches17 inches20 inches
Material constructionSteel and zinc-platingSteel and chrome-platingSteel and black oxide
Weight capacity250 lbs300 lbs200 lbs
Color finishSilver finishChrome finishBlack finish
Your set-up time5–15 minutes assembly10–20 minutes assembly15–30 minutes assembly

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